Eric Pulier’s Prime Legacy

Many individuals go through life building legacies and making their name known in the world, one way or another. Eric Pulier, a technological entrepreneur and philanthropist, happens to be one of those people.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey who began building his life by attending Harvard University in 1984. While at Harvard, he took courses in English and American Literature, which was his major, as well as Environmental Studies and Computer Science. He also worked as an editor for Harvard Crimson Weekly. He graduated as the school’s Magna Cum Laude in 1988 and even took some classes from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Upon finishing his collegiate work, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 to found a company called People Doing Things (PDT), which was a company that was dedicated to addressing health care and education, among other serious issues in society by using technology. Pulier has not stopped at just founding PDT but also other companies such as Digital Evolution in 1994, which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. He also founded companies such as Akana, ServiceMesh, Inc, Xprize, Media Platform and most recently, Stemulis in May of 2015. As a matter of fact, Pulier also happens to be on the innovation board for the XPrize Foundation, alongside other innovators. Get More Info Here.

Aside from being a founder and CEO of multiple companies in the last two decades, Eric Pulier has been a recognized name in philanthropy and donor to organizations. For example, he has been a donor and supporter of the Campaign for Free College Tuition, an organization that aims to provide free college admission to all students looking to attend a higher education. Pulier has also been one to launch multimedia projects that were geared towards teaching people with multiple sclerosis about their condition on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Pulier has recently been involved with the Painted Turtle as a board member. The Painted Turtle is an organization founded by Paul Newman and Lou Adler that acts more as a summer camp for children suffering from life threatening illnesses and problems.

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