Doe Deere and Lime Crime Pushing the Limits with Instagram

Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere, was a leader of the cosmetic brand business model, the first person to introduce the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, clearly demonstrating that color is not simply pulverized or smacked on a plain piece of paper, but actually on the lips. Doe Deere, popularly known as the “Queen of Unicorns” is displaying her zeal for makeup and unending love for all things in the color spectrum with her highly successful cosmetic brand, Lime Crime.

After eight years, the internet experienced CEO continues to apply that same talent and innate knowledge to create a distinct and captivating social media experience for worldwide audience .

Doe explains that Instagram is one of the tools for innovation of Lime Crime in the field of e-commerce with the purpose of forming the very best reciprocal shopping experience for makeup wannabes worldwide. A majority of companies use Instagram to promote their product, but the Doe Deere’s goal is to actively engage the customers.

A native of Russia & brought up in New York City, Doe Deere is the chief founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The goal of Doe is to prove that cosmetics go far beyond than just hide flaws, but is the epitome of freedom and expression.

To Doe, beauty is not just what looks natural or is the best option, but rather what is appropriate for the present moment. Keeping that in mind, in 2008, she formed and embarked on her own unique line of colorful, magical, and eco-friendly cosmetics.

The end product: Lime Crime, a profoundly colored, bold, and vivid line of eco-friendly cosmetics brand with an international fan base. The Lime Crime has its roots from Doe’s favorite color and her passion to develop vibrant shades of cosmetic products.

As a person who rose from rags to riches, and is a self made person, Doe is a champion of women-owned ventures. Often she stresses on the importance of finding one’s own voice, and aggressively pursuing one’s ambition at public events. She loves coaching other budding female entrepreneurs, and is quite open for giving advice through social media.
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