Laidlaw and Company, Investment Banking since 1842

First established in 1842, Laidlaw and Company was one of the first investment banking companies in the United States and after 175 years they are still a prominent entity and influence in the industry. They have a rich history of providing outstanding service and advice to a wide range of clients.

Starting out first as a Commission Merchant they expanded into Private Banking and in the early 1900’s became a member of the New York Stock Exchange.
Their growth continued as they opened branches in Montreal and Toronto expanding the border and their reach for investment clients. World War II propelled them into global Investment Banking and they have grown and expanded throughout the 20th century.
The 21st century saw the creation of Globeshare, the first online trading site like  for investment banking, giving customers a more active role.
With offices in California, Florida and Texas and all over the world Laidlaw continues to grow and expand and have a positive impact on the investment banking industry.
Their pooled investment plan offers opportunities for investments in new ventures to clients. As reported by PR NewsWire, Laidlaw has expanded its reach into Social Media, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Insurance and metals as they continue to explore the new market possibilities and continue to be a strong voice in the business market.
With more than 170 years in Wealth Management Laidlaw offer prime services in Financial Planning Advice and Portfolio Management, providing their customers with the best in investment options and private one time investment options minimizing risk.
Their comprehensive expertise combines the current state of the art techniques and new innovations to present to their client base and makes them a force in the Investment Banking World and they continue to explore and grow.



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