How Bernardo Chua Made His Coffee Famous

Sometimes just being innovative with a small idea can make all the difference in a business and therefore in the world. For example, Bernardo Chua, the founder of Organo Gold, one of the best coffee and beverage brand company based in Philippines, introduced a new version of herbal coffee which gained prominent across the globe. For great ideas to turn into a viable solution like this, many factors fall into place which Bernardo Chua is clearly aware of and showcases in his business model.

So how do you grasp the big picture of where your business or product is heading in the future? First, you need to emphasize the truth and potential of what a slight variation can do to the item you are selling. The popular polyvore mushroom herb that Bernardo Chua introduced to the Asian as well as North American market was a hit from the start. Determining where this herb fit and where it doesn’t was imperative in understanding the big picture for Chua here. According to the website officially dedicated to Organo Gold, Chua’s business standards are the number one features any business should possess. Sometimes seeing the big picture is stepping back and entertaining a smaller vision like this which can be executed well in the local as well as global market. Coffee and tea are the two popular beverages that you will find in any firm, corporation, event and household. What Bernardo Chua did was give an elegant touch to the traditional version of these beverages.

Bernardo Chua felt that focusing on a smaller vision can lead to growth and success in the business. His determination and vision for the future made him attain a bigger share of the market. As Chua learned, results matter and they are easy to get when high quality factor is present. As for this coffee brand, it is made from only the finest ingredients available and prepared in a safe environment. Bernardo Chua has found that adherence to quality and customer satisfaction determines where a business will be a few years down the road. In fact, Bernardo Chua has admitted on Facebook that his company would not have gone this far had he and his team had not developed the better version of coffee. In essence, the ability to implement an idea is an important aspect of competence. It involves figuring out what will work and what won’t based on demand, trend and situation.  Read more about the man and his accomplishments on CrunchBase.

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