Qnet’s Business Operations and Community Undertakings.

Qnet a multi-level marketing company that is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company directly sells its products online and was first known as QuestNet, QI Limited and GoldQuest before being named Qnet Limited. They sell a broad variety of products that aim at improving the health and lifestyle of people across the world. Its supplies include nutritional products, weight management, home care, personal care and jewelry. The business was established in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and a few business minded friends, who aimed at improving lives through network marketing. Commercialization of the company’s product is done online. They hire independent representatives, who sell their products through multi-level marketing, and their payments are based on the quantity of goods that they sell together with other independent distributors on their team. The company has managed to distribute its products to several countries across the world to several countries across the world. It is however a newer entrant in the direct selling and marketing industry, which has been controlled by more developed companies for a couple of years.

To maintain the superior quality of its products, Qnet uses a thorough method of testing products before they are added to the brand. The have a different perspective of viewing business, and they take into account aspects such as the ethical standards and excellent values of the commodity. The company is very committed to observing all good vegetarian rules, and there are no non-vegetarian meals served at any Qnet organized event. Qnet also intensively campaigns for vegetarianism as the best way of having a healthy lifestyle. The vegetarian standards are evident in all areas of the firm’s business plans and products. The company discourages the use of unsafe product testing methods that can injure animals. Qnet strives to create awareness on the causes of conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease through the decreasing of the quantity of sugar, non-natural sweeteners and other dangerous substances used in the manufacture of its products.

Qnet uses an inspiring philosophy in conducting its business. The stance states that better yourself to improve the lives of the people surrounding you. The company has been successful in its business, and therefore, it gives back to the community by supporting various actives globally. Its helps international groups and local societies in forming and following key community projects. Qnet greatly facilitates programs that benefit physically challenged children at the Rashid Center.

Securus: Connecting Families One Call At A Time

Securus Technologies have released the latest in inmate- family communication. It is the Securus Video Visitation app. This application allows traditional visitation time with the ease of video phone function. This Youtube like app is ideal for those loved ones who dwell far from their incarcerated loved one, or if the family member can’t travel due to medical issues.
This app is available for both Android and all Apple products, including iPads and iPod Touch. Since its release on BBB.org, the Android app has been downloaded over 60,000 times and the newly released Apple app has been downloaded over 5,000 times. Video Visitation will also sync calendars with loved ones visitation calendar to notify family of upcoming visitation times and test WiFi connections for the best video feed. The apps are available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.

According to Crunchbase.com, Securus is a leader in offering biometric analysis, communication, inmate monitoring, information management,emergency response, and general safety measures. Located in Dallas, Texas Securus products protect over 3,400 public and law enforcement buildings and serves over 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Securus also has over 140 active patents with 90 pending, making Securus one of the leaders in security enforcement and inmate communication.

For more info visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies



Doe Deere and Lime Crime Pushing the Limits with Instagram

Lime Crime Founder, Doe Deere, was a leader of the cosmetic brand business model, the first person to introduce the “on-lip” lipstick swatch, clearly demonstrating that color is not simply pulverized or smacked on a plain piece of paper, but actually on the lips. Doe Deere, popularly known as the “Queen of Unicorns” is displaying her zeal for makeup and unending love for all things in the color spectrum with her highly successful cosmetic brand, Lime Crime.

After eight years, the internet experienced CEO continues to apply that same talent and innate knowledge to create a distinct and captivating social media experience for worldwide audience .

Doe explains that Instagram is one of the tools for innovation of Lime Crime in the field of e-commerce with the purpose of forming the very best reciprocal shopping experience for makeup wannabes worldwide. A majority of companies use Instagram to promote their product, but the Doe Deere’s goal is to actively engage the customers.

A native of Russia & brought up in New York City, Doe Deere is the chief founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The goal of Doe is to prove that cosmetics go far beyond than just hide flaws, but is the epitome of freedom and expression.

To Doe, beauty is not just what looks natural or is the best option, but rather what is appropriate for the present moment. Keeping that in mind, in 2008, she formed and embarked on her own unique line of colorful, magical, and eco-friendly cosmetics.

The end product: Lime Crime, a profoundly colored, bold, and vivid line of eco-friendly cosmetics brand with an international fan base. The Lime Crime has its roots from Doe’s favorite color and her passion to develop vibrant shades of cosmetic products.

As a person who rose from rags to riches, and is a self made person, Doe is a champion of women-owned ventures. Often she stresses on the importance of finding one’s own voice, and aggressively pursuing one’s ambition at public events. She loves coaching other budding female entrepreneurs, and is quite open for giving advice through social media.
Read full article here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lime-crime-exceeds-two-million-instagram-followers-300263322.html

SKOUT: An App for All the Superheroes at Heart


Arguably, one of the most significant quotes of many superhero films is, “with great power comes great responsibility.” The line came from one of the Spider-Man movies, but it is a line that is true about any human being. Everyone has power, and it is up to that individual to wield it for the greater good or not.

How SKOUT is Giving People a Chance to be Superheroes

PR Newswire just published a piece regarding real-life superheroes and an effective app that is giving people a chance to change the world.
SKOUT conducted a survey where it showed that three out of four people think that helping others and showing compassion is what makes someone a superhero. A group of people were adamant about what superhero work is all about, and they believe it is about being selfless. That number of people was 44 percent of all the individuals that participated in the survey.
The survey also showed that many people are hoping to someday be superheroes. The number of people who aspire to someday do something heroic is 80 percent. These numbers helped propel SKOUT into the spotlight.
What the SKOUT app does is give people an opportunity to give a superhero gift to a friend. The gift can be bestowed on anyone that you want, and it could be done more than just once. The great thing about endowing someone with the superhero gift is that SKOUT makes a financial contribution to organizations like SF-Marin Food Bank, Muttville and Cat Town.
SKOUT app has actually brought awareness to the people about things like the 30,000 people who are suffering from hunger in the San Francisco Marin Area.
The app itself is just a social media platform that connects more than 180 countries and can be translated for up to 16 languages. The company was founded back in 2007, and it already has seen some great results. The people who participate in SKOUTS also have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who understand the responsibility that they have towards their fellow human beings.
And, if for no other reason, try to use the app to give a gift to a deserving friend who might want to know about SKOUT and their efforts to help people all around the world. Perhaps, there is a reason why superhero movies are on the rise in American cinema, and it could be because people have a hunger to change the world. Thankfully, SKOUT is giving people that venue they hunger for.


Read full article here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/skout-celebrates-real-life-superheroes-on-national-superhero-day-april-28-300258178.html

Laidlaw and Company, Investment Banking since 1842

First established in 1842, Laidlaw and Company was one of the first investment banking companies in the United States and after 175 years they are still a prominent entity and influence in the industry. They have a rich history of providing outstanding service and advice to a wide range of clients.

Starting out first as a Commission Merchant they expanded into Private Banking and in the early 1900’s became a member of the New York Stock Exchange.
Their growth continued as they opened branches in Montreal and Toronto expanding the border and their reach for investment clients. World War II propelled them into global Investment Banking and they have grown and expanded throughout the 20th century.
The 21st century saw the creation of Globeshare, the first online trading site like investorclaims.com  for investment banking, giving customers a more active role.
With offices in California, Florida and Texas and all over the world Laidlaw continues to grow and expand and have a positive impact on the investment banking industry.
Their pooled investment plan offers opportunities for investments in new ventures to clients. As reported by PR NewsWire, Laidlaw has expanded its reach into Social Media, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Insurance and metals as they continue to explore the new market possibilities and continue to be a strong voice in the business market.
With more than 170 years in Wealth Management Laidlaw offer prime services in Financial Planning Advice and Portfolio Management, providing their customers with the best in investment options and private one time investment options minimizing risk.
Their comprehensive expertise combines the current state of the art techniques and new innovations to present to their client base and makes them a force in the Investment Banking World and they continue to explore and grow.



How Bernardo Chua Made His Coffee Famous

Sometimes just being innovative with a small idea can make all the difference in a business and therefore in the world. For example, Bernardo Chua, the founder of Organo Gold, one of the best coffee and beverage brand company based in Philippines, introduced a new version of herbal coffee which gained prominent across the globe. For great ideas to turn into a viable solution like this, many factors fall into place which Bernardo Chua is clearly aware of and showcases in his business model.

So how do you grasp the big picture of where your business or product is heading in the future? First, you need to emphasize the truth and potential of what a slight variation can do to the item you are selling. The popular polyvore mushroom herb that Bernardo Chua introduced to the Asian as well as North American market was a hit from the start. Determining where this herb fit and where it doesn’t was imperative in understanding the big picture for Chua here. According to the website officially dedicated to Organo Gold, Chua’s business standards are the number one features any business should possess. Sometimes seeing the big picture is stepping back and entertaining a smaller vision like this which can be executed well in the local as well as global market. Coffee and tea are the two popular beverages that you will find in any firm, corporation, event and household. What Bernardo Chua did was give an elegant touch to the traditional version of these beverages.

Bernardo Chua felt that focusing on a smaller vision can lead to growth and success in the business. His determination and vision for the future made him attain a bigger share of the market. As Chua learned, results matter and they are easy to get when high quality factor is present. As for this coffee brand, it is made from only the finest ingredients available and prepared in a safe environment. Bernardo Chua has found that adherence to quality and customer satisfaction determines where a business will be a few years down the road. In fact, Bernardo Chua has admitted on Facebook that his company would not have gone this far had he and his team had not developed the better version of coffee. In essence, the ability to implement an idea is an important aspect of competence. It involves figuring out what will work and what won’t based on demand, trend and situation.  Read more about the man and his accomplishments on CrunchBase.

Brian Bonar is All Business

A press release in 2010 stated that Brian Bonar received the highest honor of Professional Networking Community. The CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial was included in the registry for Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Only a select few received this honor, and Bonar was one of the recipients at this time. Bonar’s accomplishments, as well as his notoriety as a leader in the world of business, have all contributed to this honor – .

Bonar has more than 30 years experience in the field of finance, rendering him one of the foremost experts in the world. Overseeing the operations for Dalrada Financial was a critical turning point for Bonar as he continues to be an integral part of the selection of products for the aftermarket sector.

Brian Bonar is also responsible for overseeing the benefits that the company provides to its employees and to ensure that these programs are run efficiently and serving the employee with the maximum benefit.

Brian Bonar currently heads up the Board of Directors for Dalrada Financial and has been the main director since 1995. His original position with Dalrada was to oversee the department that focuses on sales in technology. Later in 1994, Bonar became the Vice President of the company, and just four years later he became the Chief Executive Officer of the company – The New Frontier.

Brian Bonar has worked with several other companies, heading up sales and marketing while also working with IBM, one of the most well-known companies in technology today. Bonar’s education is one of the contributing factors to his massive success.

He holds a Ph.D., and is a part of the American Finance Association. Additionally, Bonar has shared his passion for leadership and creating teams that thrive on high performance. Collaboration and smart design are just a few of the strengths that continues to propel Bonar to the top of his game in finance.

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