Sanjay Shah Is a Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Today, Sanjay Shay is respected in the business world and supports good causes. He comes from England and is now in his mid-forties. Although, he changed his career goals once or twice and has had some personal obstacles to overcome, he is definitely considered to be successful with an income of $280 million in 2016. Let’s look at some contributing factors that helped to shape Shay’s life and wealth.

Shay actually completed his biomedical studies for becoming a doctor, but he realized he was more interested in investments and finance. With this new found knowledge, he went to work for Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

After working for some of the top investment banking firms, Sanjay had gained the knowledge and skills needed for starting his own investment company. He became the owner and CEO of Solo Capital.

Today, you may know this company as Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The headquarters is located in England, and it became incorporated by September of 2011.

Amazingly, this is one company that has been strong and successful since the day it was founded. The company focuses on sports investments, consulting and proprietary trading. In addition to Solo Capital, Sanjay has some ownership rights in another 38 companies scattered all over the world.

Besides his business interests, Sanjay Shah is heavily involved with his charity organization in London. He is the founder and owner of Autism Rocks, which opened in 2014. Sanjay was seeking some way to help children with autism shortly after his own son Nikhil had been diagnosed with this disease.

Creating Autism Rocks was a way for Sanjay to capture his love of music and help to make people aware of Autism while raising research money. This unusual company produces live concerts that are invitation only.

According to PR Newswire, Sanjay Shah has made arrangements to bring on Pete and Will Best as board trustees. Sanjay is pleased with the team of brothers and believes their experience and professional skills will be beneficial when providing support for musical events, raising funds and dealing with managerial processes to make Autism Rocks a success.

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