Charles Koch Donates Heavily To George Mason University

The Charles Koch Foundation donates a lot of money to many different universities on an annual basis, however, none of the universities receive the amount of money that George Mason University does. Mason received close to $48 million from 2011 to 2014.

The amount of these donations has caused the faculty and students to question the foundation’s motives. The University prides themselves with being able to academically independent and the concern is that Charles Koch is going to change that. Though Koch has stated that when he makes a donation, that is all that it is.

So why would Koch’s be so interested in Mason if there are no conditions of his donation? The answer is rather simple. Mason’s growth over the decades and Koch’s philanthropy seem to go hand in hand. The connection with Koch’s and Mason is deep rooted. Koch’s executive vice president sits on the Meractus and HIS boards with Koch’s. Other board members also have ties to Koch and his company. Mason’s President, Angel Cabrear, is appreciative of the donations and is grateful for donors who not only give their money, but their time to the University.

Charles Koch ‘s foundation was formed in 1980. The mission believes that in order to have social progress, there needs to be economic freedom, and the best way to achieve that freedom is through education. To promote his philanthropy, he donates to various educational programs by giving grants and other support.

Koch follows his own advice and even has made his company a better company for mankind. Originally Koch’s Industries were heavily involved with the oil and chemical industries. Even though those interests still remain with his company, he has balances these interests by being involved with pollution control, ranching, and other things that make life easier ad hopefully better.

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