Talk Fusion Shows The World How Video Marketing Is Done

A study conducted by the Relevancy Group has shown that email marketing revenue increased by 40% just by including video in email marketing campaigns. Video marketing is proving to be more engaging to audiences as the internet grows and attention spans continue to decrease. The same study also shows that click-through rates increase 2-3 times and open rates by 20% just by adding a video to an email.


Video is proving to be more time efficient when compared to text. Videos are also more effective when used in expressing the personality of a certain brand. According to Dr. James McQuivey, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then it goes without saying that a 60-second video is worth 1.8 million words. A pioneer in this industry is Talk Fusion, the 8th largest online video content provider all around the world.


The company was founded in 2007 and is the brainchild of Bob Reina, its founder and CEO. Reina was pushed to form the company when he was frustrated by the fact that he could not embed a 10-second video into an email as America Online said it was not possible. With the help of a friend who is also an IT expert, the pair managed to find a way to adding videos into emails.


The biggest strength of Talk Fusion is its ease of use. With more than 1,000 ready-to-go templates to cater for every possible situation and occasion, the service is not intimidating to individuals who are new to video marketing. Users are also free to create their very own custom templates once they get to learn the ropes.


Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions to businesses all over the world. The products offered by the company have helped businesses to create strong brands and expand their customer base. Among the products on offer include video email, live meetings, video chat, sign-up forms and video newsletters.


Serving over 140 countries, some of the products offered by the company have gone on to become the top communication networks used in some of these countries. Talk Fusion became a pioneer by being the first to introduce the first Instant Pay Compensation Plan worldwide.


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Andy Wirth’s Heroic Skydiving Accident Survival

Were you to look at Squaw Valley Ski CEO Andy Wirth today you would be hard pressed to understand what the man has gone through. As the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in the Reno-Tahoe area, Wirth has certainly put in the long hours while dealing with high stress in order to establish himself.

More than that, however, Andy Wirth has seen death firsthand and turned away, willing himself to survive in a situation that would take even the strongest of men. A tragic skydiving accident nearly took his life back in October of 2013 but since then he has gotten back on track.

Andy Wirth was an avid skydiver and a true enthusiast of the sport. Andy Wirth and friend Sean McCormick, a Red Bull athlete, would spend entire days flying up and jumping down, sometimes as many as seven times in a single day. On this warm October afternoon, the 13th, things could not have gone more wrong.

Weather conditions had forced Wirth to forego his usual jumping spot, in Perris California, and instead had sent him jumping out of a spot near Lodi. An exclusive article by Crunbase reveals that despite the windy conditions Andy Wirth and his fellow jumpers headed up for what would end up being the fateful jump of Wirth’s life.

Poor wind conditions and a missed route by the pilot led to Wirth forcing himself to pull his chute late and put down inside of a vineyard. Wirth hit a pole and watched in horror as his arm was ripped off. From there he was in a fight keep death at bay.

Andy Wirth was instantly at risk of bleeding out but he fought off shock, staunched his blood flow, and sang ‘Just Breathe’ by Pearl Jam to himself as help arrived. And help did it arrive and Wirth survived to continue running Squaw Valley Ski.

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Swarovski Aims to Change the World

Atelier Swarovski, a subsidiary company of the Austrian producer of luxury cut lead glass, Swarovski, has partnered with the UN Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative to try to end sexual violence and sexual harassment that many women face across the world.

In places like Rwanda, women suffer from sexual harassment and sexual violence in public areas like schools, parks, street, and even buses. Atelier Swarovski and UN Women’s Safe Cities Global Initiative are starting a campaign on where every Atelier Swarovski silk-cord bracelet with crystal-dotted bead that is sold will help raise money to support policies and programs that will help women and young girls safe from sexual harassment and violence.

According to Atelier Swarovski on Pinterest, thirty percent of each bracelet’s sales will be donated to the cause in helping women and young girls in places like Cairo and Kigali, Rwanda.

“We are committed to helping create a world where women feel empowered,” says Nadja Swarovski, who is a member of the company’s executive board.

About JustFab

JustFab is an online subscription fashion retailer that carries various selections of shoes, handbags, jewelries, and denims. JustFab carries the most recent fashion trends and fabulous designs that will suit anyone’s need.

Whether you are looking for the prefect boots to go with your favorite dress or that handbag that will compliment your top beautifully, JustFab has it all. If you are looking for an outfit for a girls night out, or if you are going on a hot date, you find it at JustFab as well!

With over 2.5 million members, JustFab has had a positive reputation among its customers and has given customers the satisfaction that they have been looking for.

Right now, if you become a VIP Member for JustFab, you can get an exclusive 20% off on your first item. Interested? Check out the company’s official website here.

Investing In Gold Is Still A Good Idea

The US Money Reserve wants people to keep investing in gold, and they are trying to give people all the best options for investing in gold. They have great gold coins that anyone can use, and they create some of the nicest gold coin designs in the world. The idea of investing in gold coins might seem a little juvenile because think that coin collections do not have much value, but that is not true. The best gold coin collections are going to be perfect for people who want to have future value.

Future value for gold is always going up, and people who start investing in gold immediately will begin to see high returns because the price of gold is always rising. Gold rises every year with inflation, and it is impossible to stop its slow march. The people that are investing in gold coins are waiting for all their gold coins to rise in price, and that is very important. That is how people find value.

US Money Reserve puts designs on gold coins, and that makes them much easier to sell because they look nice. The designs could be something that someone will pay for because they want that particular design, or the designs could catch on in the public domain. The coins rise in value more, and they get more valuable every year. Someone who holds onto their coins for a long time will see them become rare as other coins fall off the market, and then that person might own the only good version of that coin.

Coins can be sold at any time because people are always willing to trade in them. There is a gold coin market that is out there waiting for people to tap into it, and there is a gold coin market that will absorb the coins instantly.

There are a lot of people who are trading in gold coins from US Money Reserve, and they are taking a look at all the coins they have for the best design and weight. The heaviest coins have higher values, and people who are trading in these coins every day will enjoy high profits in the future. They just need to get started with coins that will serve them well in the future. A gold coin collection from US Money Reserve is a good start, and it can be cashed in for a profit.

Toilet Paper Shortage In Venezuela: The Effects Of Skyrocketing Inflation Felt Across The Land

Venezuela’s inflation rate is staggering according to a corpoartion wiki report; the International Monetary Fund predicts it will reach almost 500 percent this year and over 1,000 percent next year. Effects of the severe economic crises are the worst for everyday citizens; prices for staples such as bread and milk keep rising, with no end in sight. Hotels are asking guests to bring their own toilet paper and mothers can’t find any diapers in the stores. Basic needs go unfulfilled; cars sit abandoned because people cannot find any parts to repair them and leaky faucets drip because there are no washers in stores.

Venezuela’s economic health depends on the price of oil, since oil accounts for 95 percent of the country’s exports says Norka Luque. With oil prices remaining low and the country deep in debt, the Venezuelan government cannot afford to import goods.

The Americas Society and Council of the Americas will hold a discussion on April 25th, 2016 with economic experts to discuss the crisis. Anyone can register to listen to the live webcast for free.



Why Keith Mann has Given Brooklyn Students a Reason to Smile

Dynamic Search Partners founder Keith Mann recently spearheaded a fundraiser, which raised 22,000 dollars. The event was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and was meant for raising funds to support Brooklyn’s Uncommon Schools. Those who attended were mainly drawn from the financial services sector. The monies raised will be used to provide sponsorship to students in at a new school opened by not-for-profit organization, Uncommon Schools.

Mann asserts that Dynamic Search Partners is liaising with Uncommon Schools to ensure that the accomplishment gap is closed. This will help nurture millions of students from low income suburbs, and ensure that they also graduate from institutions of higher learning. Uncommon Schools is in the process of starting another school in Brooklyn. To enhance the quality of learning, Mann will dedicate 10,000 dollars, which will facilitate PSAT and AP Testing for students who are in their first year.

This is not the first time that the two organizations are joining hands. Their relationship can be traced back to 2013, when they embarked on a mission to support students and help them acquire meaningful strategic and concrete skills. Such abilities are usually of great benefit when they want to succeed in college and in their future lives. To show his intent, Mann has already toured several schools to motivate students and show them how they can prepare themselves for college, job placements and future professions. To read more about the initiative, click on this link:

Keith Mann is an old hand in the executive search sector, having worked in it for over 15 years. He co-founded Dynamic Search Partners (DSP), and acts as its Managing Director. The firm specializes in pinpointing highly qualified and experienced hedge fund executive and partners them with large equity firms. Since its inauguration in 2001, Mann has overseen the recruitment of over 2,000 executives.

Mann’s career began at Dynamic Associates, where he was in charge of the Alternative Investments Division. He climbed up the ranks to become its Vice President. Being at the top made him realize how much hedge fund firms were struggling to recruit top talent. This is what spurred him to start DSP.

Check out Keith’s Facebook page today!

Avi Weisfogel Dedicates Himself to Support Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel is offering his support to the inauguration of a GoFundMe campaign aimed at funding a global charitable organization, Operation Smile. The campaign is aimed at raising over $2000. The international medical charity provides free surgical procedures for young children. These services also extend to catering for young adults who may be in need of rectification of cleft lips, cleft palate or other facial deformities. The support for the operation smile is aimed at providing hope to every child and a healthier and brighter future.

In a recent interview, Avi Weisfogel talked of how the campaign on Operation Smile is of the belief that every child is deserving of unique surgical care. He also added that all children are needed to be well taken care of as if they are our own biological children. Avi highlighted that the aim of the organization is to make sure that each and every child understands that no matter what life may throw at them, hope will always be present.

Avi further pointed out that his background and passions were what motivated him to choose Operation Smile as a beneficiary of the ongoing GoFundMe campaign that he is running. “All kids deserve a full time access to the best medical care that is available” Avi stressed.

The Operation Smile works together with local governments, heath centers, medical practitioners, among other organization to come up with several surgical care methods. The aim is identifying the most operational solutions that are capable of reaching to as many kids as possible.

Operation Smile conducts missions annually in different regions throughout the world. Some specific missions, based on on-site resources, may involve importation of medical expertise and equipment. The organization makes use of local health providers to offer patient care in a language and culture that local patients comprehend.

These charitable organization started in 1982. Bill and Kathy Magee, who were the pioneers of the organization, undertook their first mission in Philippines. Over the course of years, the organization has created an international network with volunteers numbering in thousands. Over 220,000 free surgical procedures have been provided by the team.

Avi Weisfogel is a professional dentist who is based in New Jersey. He is popularly known for taking on challenging dental cases. He has shown interest in continuing education that he dedicates about 200 hours annually continuing education.

Avi is a father of six, and he is particularly interested in assisting children all over the globe who are trying to cope with various dental and health concerns. Through this interest, he works hard to provide support for Operation Smile.

Watch his educational YouTube Video here!

Talk Fusion and Enhanced Communication

More and more, success in digital communication boils down to ensuring that it contains some element of human rapport. With the junk to content ratio being so high it is essential that you provide a reason for the recipient to pause and consider your message. Talk Fusion specializes in providing an attention-grabbing communication system that significantly increases the likelihood that your intended audience will open and digest your content.

Talk Fusion has an amazing amount of momentum in this communication space. Boasting compatibility with nearly all modern operating systems, trying out their video chat application couldn’t be simpler. As an example, you can navigate to the iOS App Store and have their software installed in seconds. At a time when the noise level is so high, face-to-face communication is vital, and Talk Fusion answers this demand in several additional ways.

In addition to chat, Talk Fusion grants you the ability to add video to your email, provide a video newsletter, and, of course, conduct live meetings. They also give you the ability to create a video community blog, and capture leads from your video communication. In using Talk Fusion’s video email templates, producing a noteworthy communication that people will want to share can be created in just a few minutes. The lead capture function invites people to share their contact information–which they will want to do after seeing your impressive presentation.

Adding video to your email marketing, and to your company newsletter, is a great way to to increase the likelihood that your company will get noticed. Rather than having your efforts sidelined into some anonymous deletion queue, adding a human face to your communication can result in a powerful human response.

Charles Koch Donates Heavily To George Mason University

The Charles Koch Foundation donates a lot of money to many different universities on an annual basis, however, none of the universities receive the amount of money that George Mason University does. Mason received close to $48 million from 2011 to 2014.

The amount of these donations has caused the faculty and students to question the foundation’s motives. The University prides themselves with being able to academically independent and the concern is that Charles Koch is going to change that. Though Koch has stated that when he makes a donation, that is all that it is.

So why would Koch’s be so interested in Mason if there are no conditions of his donation? The answer is rather simple. Mason’s growth over the decades and Koch’s philanthropy seem to go hand in hand. The connection with Koch’s and Mason is deep rooted. Koch’s executive vice president sits on the Meractus and HIS boards with Koch’s. Other board members also have ties to Koch and his company. Mason’s President, Angel Cabrear, is appreciative of the donations and is grateful for donors who not only give their money, but their time to the University.

Charles Koch ‘s foundation was formed in 1980. The mission believes that in order to have social progress, there needs to be economic freedom, and the best way to achieve that freedom is through education. To promote his philanthropy, he donates to various educational programs by giving grants and other support.

Koch follows his own advice and even has made his company a better company for mankind. Originally Koch’s Industries were heavily involved with the oil and chemical industries. Even though those interests still remain with his company, he has balances these interests by being involved with pollution control, ranching, and other things that make life easier ad hopefully better.

Sanjay Shah Is a Successful Businessman and Philanthropist

Today, Sanjay Shay is respected in the business world and supports good causes. He comes from England and is now in his mid-forties. Although, he changed his career goals once or twice and has had some personal obstacles to overcome, he is definitely considered to be successful with an income of $280 million in 2016. Let’s look at some contributing factors that helped to shape Shay’s life and wealth.

Shay actually completed his biomedical studies for becoming a doctor, but he realized he was more interested in investments and finance. With this new found knowledge, he went to work for Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

After working for some of the top investment banking firms, Sanjay had gained the knowledge and skills needed for starting his own investment company. He became the owner and CEO of Solo Capital.

Today, you may know this company as Solo Capital Markets, Solo Capital UK or Solo Capital Limited. The headquarters is located in England, and it became incorporated by September of 2011.

Amazingly, this is one company that has been strong and successful since the day it was founded. The company focuses on sports investments, consulting and proprietary trading. In addition to Solo Capital, Sanjay has some ownership rights in another 38 companies scattered all over the world.

Besides his business interests, Sanjay Shah is heavily involved with his charity organization in London. He is the founder and owner of Autism Rocks, which opened in 2014. Sanjay was seeking some way to help children with autism shortly after his own son Nikhil had been diagnosed with this disease.

Creating Autism Rocks was a way for Sanjay to capture his love of music and help to make people aware of Autism while raising research money. This unusual company produces live concerts that are invitation only.

According to PR Newswire, Sanjay Shah has made arrangements to bring on Pete and Will Best as board trustees. Sanjay is pleased with the team of brothers and believes their experience and professional skills will be beneficial when providing support for musical events, raising funds and dealing with managerial processes to make Autism Rocks a success.