The Online Entertainment Of Complaints

White Shark Media likes to tell anybody who’ll listen, “we welcome a good or bad review because it lets us know what we’re doing right and what, if anything needs retooling.” Most companies dread receiving complaints, but typically embrace a good review, yet White Shark Media accepts everything, never avoiding the tough accounts. It’s become a tidy little anecdote, and they certainly put it to good use.

So every company experiences growing pains, and early on White Shark Media got battle scars. If you know anything about the online digital media industry, it is that the politics of power can become a slideshow for manipulators. Yes, White Shark Media experienced their share of communication issues and complaints found a platform, but it’s more about how those complaints were handled.

Only a handful of enlightened firms review internal expectations, poor processes, and then turn sub-par into one of the best digital media houses in the industry, and that’s exactly what White Shark Media did.

Making Lemonade

On policy, the guys at White Shark Media brainstormed and traded ideas, deciding on complaint management to handle customer feedback. The aim of their attitude was to provide customers with long-term continuous value from a one-on-one business relationship. Today, employees consistently stay in touch with clients, requesting feedback that support strengths or weaknesses, and this reinforces internal change.

The primary goals of White Shark Media professional complaint management metrics are:


  • Increasing the quality of service by rapidly addressing and resolving customer concerns


  • The restoration of customer satisfaction


  • The Prevention and Reduction of Errors

Becoming Interconnected For Productivity

It is possible to reign in counterproductive complaints when you arbitrarily decide to stop kicking yourself, and use what you have to your advantage. The dramatic result? A more productive staff and enormously happy clients. And that nagging fear of negative complaints and reviews many businesses are plagued by evaporate. Complaint management replaced the neurotic behavior of dancing around reviews, and propelled a more productive client-employee relationship at White Shark Media.

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