Greg Brenneman is Appointed the New CEO and President of CCMP Capital After the Passing of Stephen Murray

Wall street Journal reported on the passing of Stephen Murray was emotionally for family members and the CCMP Capital team. Murray resigned in February of last year as CEO and President of a firm he co-founded. The following month, CCMP Capital learned Stephen passed away in his home. Concerned investors, executives with the firm, and the investment industries were curious about the replacement for the executive role. News was eventually released that the committee voted for Greg Brenneman to become the new CEO/President of the private equity investment firm.

In 2008, Greg Brenneman was appointed the Chairman of CCMP Capital and in 2014, helped Stephen Murray raise $3.6 billion in a capital fund. According to an article posted in Fortune online magazine on March 18, 2015, “there were two provisional clauses on the fund, including sole provisions for Murray and Brenneman and sole provisions for a certain majority of its investment committee.″ The provisional clause for Brenneman is most likely the reason for his nomination to replace the former CEO and President. He is now the chairman, chief executive officer, and president of CCMP Capital in New York. Brenneman is responsible for overseeing the firm’s strategies, coaching senior management, and strategy development.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is greatly missed in the investment industry, but his legacy continues to live at CCMP Capital. He is remembered by family and investment partners as a dedicated and loving son, father, husband, and leader. After his position as head of buyout business at J.P. Morgan Partner, he co-founded CCMP Capital in 2006 and one year later, appointed CEO. From 2007 until February 2015, Murray held the position and successful raised billions of dollars to invest in equity transactions for retail, energy, healthcare, industrial sectors. The $3.6 billion fund was the last fundraiser Stephen accomplished before passing.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one of the most recognized private equity investment firms in the United States and England. The firm is headquartered in New York, N.Y. and has offices in Houston and London. Stephen and the CCMP partners have investment interest in more than 35 companies, including Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Pure Gym, LHP Hospital, Newark Energy, and Jamieson Laboratories. Murray will always be remembered as an exceptional investment coach for advisors and partners.

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