Olympic Valley Incorporation raises Several Tension

Financial and Environmental Hardships faced by the Franchise

Recent struggles with the drought in Lake Tahoe and the debate over the incorporation of the Olympic Valley, raised several concerns for the fate of the Squaw Valley. As emphasized in the Reno-Gazette Journal, Andrew Wirth shared his take on the issue at hand.

The incorporation of the Olympic Valley was denoted as “a recipe for disaster, fiscal disaster,” due to the likelihood of higher taxes in several businesses and less emphasis placed on community services (such as road maintenance and snow-plowing).

Despite the accusations of pro-incorporation individuals, who mentioned “ill-advised” self-efforts of the Squaw Valley to prevent local residents from making land-use decisions, Wirth disagreed with these interpretations. He argued that the money raised by the organization was also raised for transportation and in the improvement of the community instead of simply raising funds for the land-use decisions to go through the Placer Country Board of Supervisors in California.

Behind it All

Andrew Wirth’s niche resided within the mountain resort and hotel industry. Throughout most of his career, he specialized in many marketing and leadership positions within the job sector. This includes the beginning of his career at Steamboat Springs Resort, and becoming the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest, prior to his career as a CEO and president of the Squaw Valley.

While transforming Squaw Valley into one of the most predominant tourist destinations worldwide, Wirth strives to promote climate change awareness by implementing energy efficiency measures through the mountains. In addition, he has a desire for the community to become more interactive towards each other through athletic opportunities (expansion of hiking, etc.) and educational services provided to young children.

Additional associations that Wirth is apart of include the following:

– Humanitarian in the Lake Tahoe area. The territory is located in Sierra Nevada.
– “Wounded Warrior Support team”. They provide proceeds to the Navy Seal Foundation in order for the organization to provide financial aid and support to families of retired/ ongoing veterans.

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