Talk Fusion Leads The Market In Video Communication

After just a few months on the market, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is already one of the top communication devices in the world. The reason for its incredible leap to the forefront of sales is due largely to its adaptability with any other device, including Android, Apple, and Mac. Also in its favor, the app is smarter and faster than other communication apps on the market.

Business For Home reports that Talk Fusion has become very popular with its first customers. The 30-day free trial is to be released soon, but the Video Chat app can be downloaded free through iTunes and Google Play. The 30 free days includes access to all of Talk Fusion’s products, with no credit card required.

Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association. It operates by person to person direct marketing. This is also called multilevel marketing. Some people are put off by this, yet others embrace the opportunity to join a sales team. The saving grace of this form of sales is that the product is very high quality, and word-of-mouth does a lot of the selling.
Founded by CEO Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion was the result when Reina was told it was not possible to send a video as part of an email. He began then to research and assess the problem until he found the answers he wanted. At this time, Talk Fusion is available in 140 countries. The company seeks to foster a positive global change by giving back to various charities. Talk Fusion seems to be taking video technology to the next level at a high rate of speed.

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