Alexei Beltyukov is Passionate About Education

One thing that is very important in the world is education. Alexei Beltyukov is one person who believes in the importance of education. He also understands that the demands of school can be a little tough on children depending on the school district. For this reason, Alexei has developed the newest endeavor, SOLVY. SOLVY is educational software that is very interactive. Alexei is very passionate about education and it shows with the products that he develops. He also wants to broaden horizons with the continuing of education through his own projects which is where SOLVY has come in.

SOLVY is already proving to be a success among educators and students. Among the people that use it are high school students for homework. Parameters are set in order for the system to generate homework assignments. This gives teachers the ability to assign exercises for learning in a more efficient way. One thing that is missing from SOLVY is multiple-choice answers. The students are instead required to manually enter the answers that they come up with. They are also required to explain their answer. This is good for critical thinking and math. One of the advantages of SOLVY is that students are encouraged to make errors.

Math is definitely one of the subjects that could benefit from Alexei’s product. Alexei got his start in medicine. He studied medicine for a little while before he decided to major in business. He attended INSEAD Busienss School and studied for his MBA. Afterwards, Alexei has developed and started a few businesses that proved to be very successful. SOLVY is one of the latest endeavors that Alexei has accomplished which is proving to be of great benefit to students that are still in school. One major advantage to Alexei’s invention is that he has programmed it to use problem solving techniques that are based in the real world. has even more on what Beltyukov has done with his career.

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