The Shrewdness of Igor Cornelsen in the Investment Banking Sector

Igor Cornelsen, a retired investment banker, has created a reputable name in his home country of Brazil as one of the top bankers. His impressive reputation is drawn from his previous roles in managing several top banks in Brazil. In addition, he was an outstanding individual in managing the enormous percentage of his country’s gross economy. In current roles, Cornelsen works in conjunction with the Bainbridge Group for both foreign exchange and commodity investment. Stock market investment is also part of his functions.

Cornelsen has also made a name for himself as a pioneer for utilizing the strategy for avoiding damaged companies and investing in damaged stocks. Consequently, his technique has gained popularity among investors.

Cornelsen’s Advice on Brazilian Banking Sector

In various instances, Cornelsen has provided helpful information or advice on facebook to Brazilian bankers in times of need. During an anomaly that occurred in the Brazilian banking sector on 2014, he asserted that the only way Brazilian banks would avert the problems they were facing was through gaining knowledge about the market. Consequently, Igor created various basics for investors willing to invest in Brazilian stocks as follows:

Ten Major Banks in Brazil

The Brazilian economy is ranked in the eighth position worldwide. Consequently, it tops among the largest economies in South America. Its economy is driven by ten main state and privately owned investment and commercial banks. Among the top players, include Itau Unibanco, Caixa Economica Federal, Banco Bradesco, and BTG Pactual among others.

Links with China
Cornelsen asserted that the Chinese and Brazilian economies are intertwined since both are great trading partners. He also said that the process of raw materials from Brazil would increase due the rise of the Chinese economy. He advised investors to keep a close eye on trading partners of a prospective nation before undertaking any investment.

The Value of the Real

The export of industrialized commodities has lost competitiveness in Brazil due to the country’s overvalued legal tender. In addition, this has led to massive deficits in the current accounts. In a bid to reduce the devaluation of the real, the Central Bank of Brazil has had to sell dollar swaps in the domestic markets. However, with less intervention from the government the depreciation of the real will take place at a controlled pace leading to more competitiveness of industrial goods.

Other Cornelsen’s Interests

Apart from investment activities, Cornelsen is a golf lover. Golf is his profound hobby, which he indulges in away from other business activities. Away from his native country of Brazil, he spends his time at his home in South Florida. This location is ideal for golf activities since it hosts the best golf courses on the globe.

He also does consultancy work for both the investment and banking industry. Mainly, this has been due to his vast experience in financial and investment matters, which he gained from his past career as a banker.

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