The Online Entertainment Of Complaints

White Shark Media likes to tell anybody who’ll listen, “we welcome a good or bad review because it lets us know what we’re doing right and what, if anything needs retooling.” Most companies dread receiving complaints, but typically embrace a good review, yet White Shark Media accepts everything, never avoiding the tough accounts. It’s become a tidy little anecdote, and they certainly put it to good use.

So every company experiences growing pains, and early on White Shark Media got battle scars. If you know anything about the online digital media industry, it is that the politics of power can become a slideshow for manipulators. Yes, White Shark Media experienced their share of communication issues and complaints found a platform, but it’s more about how those complaints were handled.

Only a handful of enlightened firms review internal expectations, poor processes, and then turn sub-par into one of the best digital media houses in the industry, and that’s exactly what White Shark Media did.

Making Lemonade

On policy, the guys at White Shark Media brainstormed and traded ideas, deciding on complaint management to handle customer feedback. The aim of their attitude was to provide customers with long-term continuous value from a one-on-one business relationship. Today, employees consistently stay in touch with clients, requesting feedback that support strengths or weaknesses, and this reinforces internal change.

The primary goals of White Shark Media professional complaint management metrics are:


  • Increasing the quality of service by rapidly addressing and resolving customer concerns


  • The restoration of customer satisfaction


  • The Prevention and Reduction of Errors

Becoming Interconnected For Productivity

It is possible to reign in counterproductive complaints when you arbitrarily decide to stop kicking yourself, and use what you have to your advantage. The dramatic result? A more productive staff and enormously happy clients. And that nagging fear of negative complaints and reviews many businesses are plagued by evaporate. Complaint management replaced the neurotic behavior of dancing around reviews, and propelled a more productive client-employee relationship at White Shark Media.

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Greg Brenneman is Appointed the New CEO and President of CCMP Capital After the Passing of Stephen Murray

Wall street Journal reported on the passing of Stephen Murray was emotionally for family members and the CCMP Capital team. Murray resigned in February of last year as CEO and President of a firm he co-founded. The following month, CCMP Capital learned Stephen passed away in his home. Concerned investors, executives with the firm, and the investment industries were curious about the replacement for the executive role. News was eventually released that the committee voted for Greg Brenneman to become the new CEO/President of the private equity investment firm.

In 2008, Greg Brenneman was appointed the Chairman of CCMP Capital and in 2014, helped Stephen Murray raise $3.6 billion in a capital fund. According to an article posted in Fortune online magazine on March 18, 2015, “there were two provisional clauses on the fund, including sole provisions for Murray and Brenneman and sole provisions for a certain majority of its investment committee.″ The provisional clause for Brenneman is most likely the reason for his nomination to replace the former CEO and President. He is now the chairman, chief executive officer, and president of CCMP Capital in New York. Brenneman is responsible for overseeing the firm’s strategies, coaching senior management, and strategy development.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is greatly missed in the investment industry, but his legacy continues to live at CCMP Capital. He is remembered by family and investment partners as a dedicated and loving son, father, husband, and leader. After his position as head of buyout business at J.P. Morgan Partner, he co-founded CCMP Capital in 2006 and one year later, appointed CEO. From 2007 until February 2015, Murray held the position and successful raised billions of dollars to invest in equity transactions for retail, energy, healthcare, industrial sectors. The $3.6 billion fund was the last fundraiser Stephen accomplished before passing.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one of the most recognized private equity investment firms in the United States and England. The firm is headquartered in New York, N.Y. and has offices in Houston and London. Stephen and the CCMP partners have investment interest in more than 35 companies, including Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Pure Gym, LHP Hospital, Newark Energy, and Jamieson Laboratories. Murray will always be remembered as an exceptional investment coach for advisors and partners.

Olympic Valley Incorporation raises Several Tension

Financial and Environmental Hardships faced by the Franchise

Recent struggles with the drought in Lake Tahoe and the debate over the incorporation of the Olympic Valley, raised several concerns for the fate of the Squaw Valley. As emphasized in the Reno-Gazette Journal, Andrew Wirth shared his take on the issue at hand.

The incorporation of the Olympic Valley was denoted as “a recipe for disaster, fiscal disaster,” due to the likelihood of higher taxes in several businesses and less emphasis placed on community services (such as road maintenance and snow-plowing).

Despite the accusations of pro-incorporation individuals, who mentioned “ill-advised” self-efforts of the Squaw Valley to prevent local residents from making land-use decisions, Wirth disagreed with these interpretations. He argued that the money raised by the organization was also raised for transportation and in the improvement of the community instead of simply raising funds for the land-use decisions to go through the Placer Country Board of Supervisors in California.

Behind it All

Andrew Wirth’s niche resided within the mountain resort and hotel industry. Throughout most of his career, he specialized in many marketing and leadership positions within the job sector. This includes the beginning of his career at Steamboat Springs Resort, and becoming the chief marketing officer and executive vice president of Intrawest, prior to his career as a CEO and president of the Squaw Valley.

While transforming Squaw Valley into one of the most predominant tourist destinations worldwide, Wirth strives to promote climate change awareness by implementing energy efficiency measures through the mountains. In addition, he has a desire for the community to become more interactive towards each other through athletic opportunities (expansion of hiking, etc.) and educational services provided to young children.

Additional associations that Wirth is apart of include the following:

– Humanitarian in the Lake Tahoe area. The territory is located in Sierra Nevada.
– “Wounded Warrior Support team”. They provide proceeds to the Navy Seal Foundation in order for the organization to provide financial aid and support to families of retired/ ongoing veterans.

Charles Koch: Setting the Record Straight

Charles Koch and the Koch brothers have been involved in politics for years before they finally made the headlines. As of right now, they are providing funds to anyone they believe can help get the country on what they believe is the right track. Among the things that they are hoping gets regulated is welfare. They see the effect that welfare has on impoverished. They instead want to encourage people and give them the inspiration to build businesses. They do believe in a good education that teaches people skills that they could use in order to succeed. Charles Koch is especially interested in promoting a free market that makes it easier for people to succeed.

Koch’s recently entrance into the limelight has been accompanied by quite a few myths, five in particular which will be addressed in this article. One myth is that the Koch Network is just a front for their business. Another myth is that it is its own political party. The third myth is that The Koch Network just gives money to conservative groups. The fourth myth is that the Koch Network is only funded by Charles Koch, and the fifth myth is that the Koch Network only dates back to Obama.

Of course as anyone gets a lot of exposure, there are going to be a lot of stories about the person as people learn about them. Of course many of these stories are going to be false, but fortunately there will be people around to clear up all of the misunderstanding.

Charles Koch is the CEO of Koch industries. He is one of the brothers who has inherited the business from Fred C. Koch, their father. Charles is also involved in political and philanthropic activities like any research and other activities that are geared towards the free market.


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Keith Mann Is Bringing Young Dreams Closer

Keith Mann is an animal rights campaigner as well as a writer. He is a British who was alleged to at the top of the list of the Animal Liberation Front movement in the year 2005. Keith Mann was very determined to ensure that the rights of all animals were taken into consideration, and he would, therefore, go to the extremes of even setting meat lorries on fire. He even worked at an animal sanctuary. Keith then turned to politics whereby he unsuccessfully stood for Parliament in the constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon for the Animal Protection Party in the general elections that were held in 2010.

Additionally, Keith is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners which is an executive search firm in the investment industry. In 2000, this company was started, and it is now well experienced after putting up a good network of professionals in various stages and areas of expertise. Recently, Keith Mann announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship that is aimed at Professional Achievement. This award is made with the attempt to recognize the upcoming generation of innovative business leaders.
Keith Mann partnered with Uncommon Schools based in New York to put this scholarship to work. It was formulated to helping, at least, one senior who graduates from the high schools located in Brooklyn. Each applicant is expected to write an essay of up to 1,000words explaining how the scholarship will contribute to the success of their professional goals.
As a philanthropist, Keith is determined to pick out the leaders in low-income students and to help them into universities whereby they not only graduate but also have successful career paths. This scholarship offer is open to all seniors who are attending Uncommon Charter High School, and it is an offer that is open till 29th February 2016 whereby the winner will be announced at the end of March 2016. The winner will then be awarded a scholarship worth $5,000 that they can put into their tuition fee for college.
There are up to 44 schools that are under the Uncommon Schools, which is a group of outstanding charter public schools that work at eradicating the achievement gap of students.

Why Are Celebrity Endorsers Opening GoFundMe Accounts?

Celebrity endorsers like Avi Weisfogel are opening GoFundMe accounts for their favorite charities all the time. GoFundMe is the easiest system to use, and it can raise money online for any charity the owner chooses at any time. Operation Smile is the target of the GoFundMe page that Avi Weisfogel started, and he plans to leave the page open to the public so he can take more trips with the charity.Check more:

A lot of people have not heard of Operation Smile because they get regular dental care, but the charity goes to places where people do not get regular dental care. The charity has spent millions on the supplies and travel that are required to help new communities, and the charity needs more money so that it can reach more people around the world. Avi Weisfogel has a pretty big following of people that he can share the page with, and he can use patients and friends to donate money to the cause.

He takes trips with Operation Smile all the time, and he recruits his friends to come help him on each trip. The charity needs more money so that it can fulfill its mission when it is operating in remote areas, and Avi is bringing awareness of the charity to people who have never heard of it before. There are so many charities today that people can easily miss out on some of the best, and Operation Smile is one of those charities.

The best part of the page that Avi Weisfogel started is that he does not have to watch it at all. GoFundMe handles all the donations that are made on the page, and the money is sent to Operation Smile when the page is finally closed. It is a really simple way to raise money for something that is a worthy cause, and it can be shared by anyone at any time.

There are a lot of people on social media who are seeing the links for Avi’s pages for the first time, and they are giving money to help people who need help from Operation Smile. There are great ways to give money to charities today, and the people who give the most money are giving it online because the process is so simple. The page that Avi started will reach out to millions of people, and Operation Smile will benefit when the page collects money for their charity.

Talk Fusion Leads The Market In Video Communication

After just a few months on the market, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat is already one of the top communication devices in the world. The reason for its incredible leap to the forefront of sales is due largely to its adaptability with any other device, including Android, Apple, and Mac. Also in its favor, the app is smarter and faster than other communication apps on the market.

Business For Home reports that Talk Fusion has become very popular with its first customers. The 30-day free trial is to be released soon, but the Video Chat app can be downloaded free through iTunes and Google Play. The 30 free days includes access to all of Talk Fusion’s products, with no credit card required.

Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association. It operates by person to person direct marketing. This is also called multilevel marketing. Some people are put off by this, yet others embrace the opportunity to join a sales team. The saving grace of this form of sales is that the product is very high quality, and word-of-mouth does a lot of the selling.
Founded by CEO Bob Reina in 2007, Talk Fusion was the result when Reina was told it was not possible to send a video as part of an email. He began then to research and assess the problem until he found the answers he wanted. At this time, Talk Fusion is available in 140 countries. The company seeks to foster a positive global change by giving back to various charities. Talk Fusion seems to be taking video technology to the next level at a high rate of speed.

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Saving Time the Handy Way

Customers that really want to save time should consider what Handy Cleaning Services has to offer. This is the on-demand services company that has become the go-to service for homeowners. There are also some small businesses that acquire services from Handy. It is the company that helps customers save time with cleaning, painting and a plethora of other services.

There is nothing better than being able to book a cleaning and getting someone out within a 24 hour period. That is what so many people look for. They don’t have the time to do all of this cleaning themselves. They need the help. There are soccer moms that are tied up with soccer practice. There are households where both husband and wife are working long hours. There are also times where the single mother is too busy taking care of the kids to actually clean up the mess that they made. What Oisin Hanrahan has done is take all of this into consideration and market to all of these people. That is how Handy became the staple that it is for many homeowners today.

Handy represents is a time saver. People that don’t have the time to make the commitment to cleaning may need to consider what this organization has to offer. It is the company that has really become the one of the most trustworthy cleaning organizations around.

People are buzzing about Handy on social media. There are news articles on the web about the company. The word is spreading about this company and all that this organization has been able to do. It is a company that is becoming more and more profitable because it caters to a wide range of customers. The client list is becoming longer because the word is spreading about Handy.

Argentina Is Bringing Excitement To Future Investors

James Dondero was quoted in a recent Bloomberg Business article. He explained why he and his firm, Highland Capital Management, had been expecting Argentina to be forced into releasing their debt onto the market. Price manipulations were occurring. The government had implemented very bad tax policies. There were massive subsidies, less production and they were running down their foreign reserves. This did not make sense to James Dondero because the country is so resource rich. The only answer was that they were going to reach an inflection point. They knew that the bonds would trade higher because they were going to be forced to settle with holdouts.

According to the article, in April Argentina wants to release 7.5 to 8 percent yielding bonds. They should issue 11.68 billion dollars of the bonds in worth. The Finance Ministry wants to create deals with their holdouts and is trying to do this with a new debt bill that they are showing congress. Their plan is to sell 5 year, 10 year and 30 year maturity bonds that will be issued under New York state law. There are expectations that the yields will fall to 6 percent over the short term because of optimistic outlooks for Argentina’s monetary and fiscal problems, as well as ratings upgrades.

James Dondero has been leading his firm to make moves like this since he founded it in 1993. He made the decision to venture into developing a market for collateralized debt and loan obligations and the firm also specializes in created credit oriented solutions for clients. Dondero has also helped the firm to expand in other areas. The firm now also offers structured products, long and short equity, high yield credit, distressed and special situations, emerging markets, health care and real estate. The firm has also received multiple awards, such as Pensions & Investments Best Places to Work in Money Management, Creditflux Manager Awards Finalist for Best HY Hedge Fund, and The Street Best Stock Mutual Fund, Long or Short Category.

Jim Dondero, after earning his dual degree in accounting and finance, got certified as a CPA, CMA and CFA to further his knowledge. Jim prides himself as being an active member of his community and sits on the board of several organizations, including MGM Studios, American Banknote, and CCS Medical.

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Madison Street Capital Foretells a Good Year for the Hedge Fund and M&A Industries

Madison Street Capital recently released its annual edition of the hedge fund industry Mergers and Acquisition overview. The 2016 report is the 4th edition release that highlights all transaction activity in the hedge fund industry as well as M&A opportunities.

In the report, Madison Street Capital found out that there were 42 closed deals in the global hedge fund industry in the year ended 2015. This was an increase from the 32 deals closed in 2014. In addition, the total transaction volume for 2015 was 27 percent higher than 2014. The difference was largely propelled by increased activity within the final quarter of 2015. Due to this increased momentum and high rate of activity, the company predicts that 2016 will be a good year for the hedge fund industry and M&A transactions.

Key Details of the Report

In the report, total assets in the hedge fund industry are currently quite high. This is despite that fact that the industry saw dismal performance in the year ending 2015. In a bid to match increasing liabilities, many institutional investors are divesting their funds with allocations to alternative asset management. This sector provides some hope for higher returns. At the same time, managers are facing higher operational costs and increased pressure to decrease fees. Therefore, many managers have been forced to seek other alternatives to stay in business.

Madison’s senior MD Karl D’Cunha said that there were many hedge fund deals that were closed in 2015 with many more closings expected in 2016. He added that the deal environment is structuring itself to accommodate not only sellers but also buyers with signs of a favorable working environment in 2016. Other transactions that are expected to happen include seed financing and incubator deals, PE bolt-ons and stakes as well as revenue-share stakes. Finally, the hedge fund industry will become more consolidated in 2016 with many opportunistic partnerships beginning to shape up.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital offers financial and advisory services to many private and public businesses. The company operates globally providing clients with strategic advice and alternatives on how to invest their money. It has a lot of experience in various financial endeavors and transactions with a wealth of information about the global financial industry.

The firm mainly assist clients with asset financing, financial restructuring, hedge fund management, portfolio valuation as well as advice on mergers and acquisition deals. Since its inception in 2011, the Chicago based company, has grown rapidly under an excellent management team. Today, it is an industry giant with a lot of experience and authority in the M&A and hedge fund industries.

The company is dedicated to helping clients build strong businesses. In addition, the company has been involved in many philanthropic activities to help build stronger communities locally and internationally. It currently supports United Way organization.


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