Solo Capital and CEO Sanjay Shah

While small in statue, solo Capital is a small financial service located in London, although it does assist in other countries and regions around the world. It is all about expanding upon what an individual or business is able to invest in, so the financial assistance is often of great importance to those who work with Solo Capital. The company also assists businesses in locating additional revenue streams and doing whatever it can to make sure a business has the necessary financial assets available in order to grow the business and to do whatever it can. A company often needs additional financial revenue coming in to make sure it is possible for the company to expand. All of this is organized and head by Sanjay Shah, the founder and CEO of the company.

Now, Sanjay Shaha is the CEO and founder of Solo Capital, but he does other jobs and tasks to ensure individuals around the world are better off for themselves. This British business professional, born and raised in London, has a son who suffers from autism. Sanjay has willingly stated when he found out his son had autism he didn’t know what to do. There are so many different requirements for an individual with these kinds of medical needs he didn’t know how to go about assisting his son. He also pointed out he did have the financial ability to assist with his son and to make sure he had all of the best treatment and specialized education possible. However, this is not cheap, and many other parents and children around the world are not able to afford this kind of requirement.

This is why both Solo Capital and Sanjay Shaha decided to move forward and do what they could in raise money for not only autism awareness, but to help sponsor children from around the world who simply would never receive the right kind of education or medical treatment based on their location and financial statue of their parents. Sanjay created the non profit organization “Autism Rocks.” This program is designed to interact with individuals from around the world and help raise money to sponsor these other children. The program puts on invite only concerts for some of the biggest rock stars in the world. Some musicians who have performed with Autism Rocks include Prince and Snoop Dogg. This has proven to be widely successful and the company has done great things in the growth and development of autism awareness.

The company continues to provide quality financial assistance to businesses and individuals around the world. It isn’t necessary to just be located in the U.K. in order to take control of their personal financial structure and to grow their brand.

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