Remaining Loyal to Beneful

Beneful is one of the leading brands by Purinastore of dogs food across the United States. The reason for their popularity is the variety of foods in which they produce. I myself enjoy using Puppy Chow and their wide variety of wet foods that are very easy for a young pup to chew and swallow. Other than the food being great for puppies and adults to digest, it also offers dogs just the right amount of minerals and nutrients for their daily diet. As we all know, without the right amount of nutrients and minerals, our furry friend would be lying in the middle of the living room floor like a lump on a log.

Companies such as Purina also offers healthy food for dogs by using fresh meat and natural ingredients in their products, including kale and sweet potatoes. If I had to choose one thing that I find to be the most beneficial about Freshpet, it would be that they sell refrigerated dog meals. I have yet to hear of another company producing this type of products for dogs. By Freshpet using their “eat like your owner” strategy and health and wellness guidelines, I do not foresee them having any issues in the sales department.

Although these other brands can possibly give Beneful a run for their money, Beneful has been around long enough where many people like myself, will never stray away from using this brand. I have had three dogs over the course of my life and I don’t believe there was one moment in time that I purchased any other brand but Beneful. It never crossed my mind once. I don’t even think its the buyers loyalty to Beneful that keeps them purchasing their products on Amazon, I believe the great prices and variety of products has a lot more to do with the high amount of customers. Which is why I, to this day am still a fan.





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