Sanjay Shah Explains His Hopes Towards The Success Of Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a millionaire who has acquired his material wealth through his dedications and commitments in his investments. Shah is also a known philanthropist who has been supporting the health care industry to offer quality and affordable services to patients. He also invests highly in hedge funds, where he gets huge returns. Sanjay is the sole proprietor of Solo Capital Holdings. He is a forty-five years old business person who currently lives in Dubai with his wife and children.


Sanjay Shah enjoyed bumper of returns amounting to nineteen million dollars after his massive investing in the hedge funds. Shah is also a known trustee of the Autism Research Institute, which has been carrying out a study on autism disorder. Executive Shah conducts all individual operations of Solo capital. He is also the president of the financial institution.


Philanthropist Shah was recently faced with a personal crisis after his youngest child was admitted due to the autism disorder. Nikhil was diagnosed with the disorder, a state that led Sanjay to pioneer a charity function known as autism rock trust. Sanjay is a person who has the influence to the public figures, so he knew the charity move would collect enough funds to support the autism research institute which is based at the University of Cambridge. Mr. Shah has been actively contributing to the Autism Research Centre developments.


Autism Rocks has a primary goal of creating awareness to the public and enhance the continued carrying out of research on autism so as to understand the causes of the disorder and the early symptoms that can be checked to prevent the disease at an early stage. Mr. Shah implied that his aim was not identifying the cure but having a greater understanding of how the disease occurs. To mobilize the citizens and natural awareness creation, he is using live concerts in partnership with the key figures in the artistic development such as the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg. Shah has also signed a deal with artist Drake and Kravitz.


Through the global citizen news, Shah implied that he had high hopes in the charity move. He explained how Solo Capital business firm started, a factor that made him the best investor ever.

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