Wikipedia Is An Incredible Marketing Opportunity For Businesses

Wikipedia is an internet resource with a cultural relevance rivaled only by other phenomenons like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Such websites typically seek to monetize the participation and data of their users, Wikipedia is a not for profit resource that seeks to give, not take from the public that supports it. As a result, Wikipedia has become a respected and relied upon source of information, its reach and awareness in the minds of the public has resulted in the website garnering 500 million unique visitors a day, and 18 billion page views per month. When people search for something online, Wikipedia links appear in the top five search results and is the resource behind suggestions that appear when something is typed in the Safari toolbar on iOS devices. Therefore, Wikipedia enlists a set of rules so that not anyone can just make a Wikipedia page without the proper know-how and information. Consumers are very aware of Wikipedia and consider it a reliable resource they can use to find information about things. 

Wikipedia business page creation is essential for informing the public of the history and purpose of the company is to instantly create an online presence on a site that will not only make the public aware of the business, but will also bolster the reputation, credibility, and prestige of the brand in the minds of consumers. It is well known that anyone can create and edit content on Wikipedia, but Wikipedia maintains the integrity of its information by having strict writing guidelines. Any article not in compliance with these guidelines is flagged and removed from the website. This kind of diligence is why Wikipedia is trusted by millions and why it can be harnessed as an invaluable resource for marketing a business and establishing brand identity. 

To benefit from the outstanding reach and reputation of Wikipedia, certain guidelines must be followed. The content of a Wikipedia entry regarding a brand or business cannot be biased or preferential in any way, every sentence written must be properly referenced and cited for source material. Businesses cannot create their page for marketing reasons or the page will be deleted. Get Your Wiki, with its knowledgeable professional Wikipedia writers, is a Wikipedia writing service designed to navigate the nuances of writing for Wikipedia and create pages that are acceptable and follow the required style of the website so businesses or brands can have Wikipedia compliant pages. Get Your Wiki guarantees their work, monitors the content of the page they create for your business, and can translate the content into other languages.

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