Yeonmi Park: The Truth Can’t Be Silenced

If there is one thing that is for sure, it is that the truth can’t be silenced. This is one thing that Yeonmi Park has said in an interview. For one thing, the truth will be found out for those that are searching. Yeonmi has lived in oppressive situations and has overcome. She has developed a desire to help others that are in similar situations. When she told her story in front of many people, this has raised up a sort of anxiety from the North Korean government because of their oppressive ways of running the country. One sign that they are shaken is that they are taking a lot of steps to discredit Yeonmi Park and other North Korean defectors. Even with the videos released that attempt to discredit Yeonmi Park and other defectors, the truth still remains. There is enough going on in North Korea to gain the interest of others in shedding light on the country. People are slowly learning more about the harsh situations in North Korea. As a result, there are efforts to use manipulation and other tactics to get the attention off of the government so that the powers can continue with their oppression. Yeonmi Park of casey and yeonmi show is one of many that are shedding light on the horrors of North Korea. There are also other horrors that Yeonmi has gone through that would also inspire her to fight with other issues in the world such as human trafficking. She was trafficked at 13 years of age and had to endure a lot of sexual abuse and dehumanizing brutality. While these types of traumas are enough to break a person. Yeonmi has not only refused to break, bout she has recovered to the point that she is ready to build the lives of those that are oppressed. Yeonmi Park has written a book about the horrors of North Korea. This book is what is going to help people find a way to bring justice to the secretive country of North Korea. This is the first step to bringing the country’s oppression down. The only issue is that North Korea is a nuclear power.

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