Ricardo Guimarães Sponsors A Tennis Player

The tennis world is full of great players, but Marcelo Melo is one of the top tennis players according to BMG bank. This is the reason that they sponsored him. The BMG bank has said that they only sponsor players who show the same type of gusto that they feel when they are doing business with their customers. They have chosen Melo because he is not only one of the top players in the sport of tennis, but he is one of the most dedicated players in the world of sports. Ricardo Guimarães is not necessarily a big fan of tennis, but he enjoys players who do what they can to win and be dedicated.

This move comes as a major one for the bank because it will gain the bank a lot of international exposure. Melo is set to play in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and will have a lot of exposure himself. The bank has chosen him to sponsor because of the international tennis games he has competed in aside from the Olympics. These games include runs in Paris, China and the United States. He has been around the world to play tennis against some of the best in the sport.

The article that was featured talks about how this is the first time that the bank has sponsored a tennis player. They have felt that Melo has a very good chance at the Olympics. They know that he will need a sponsor in order to get to the Olympics and will continue to need one to support the game that he is so dedicated to. As far as marketing goes, Marcelo Melo will wear the BMG logo on both his practice and his game jerseys to show that the bank is the one who is sponsoring him.

Ricardo Guimarães is the president of the bank. He also owns the bank and has since 2004. While the bank has always been successful since Ricardo Guimarães began working there in the 1980s, the success has greatly increased since he overtook the bank in 2004. This is due in part to great marketing ploys, business deals and things that are set up for exposure, similarly to how the tennis player is helping the bank become more exposed in the same way that the bank is helping the tennis player become more exposed and better equipped for the Olympics.

Source: R7.com

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