An Insight on Trucept Inc. Headed by Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has been serving as the CEO, President, CFO and Chairman of Trucept Inc., a firm focusing on helping organizations manage their employees in an effective and productive manner. He has worked for many organizations hence amassing wide experience in relation to their operations. He has created programs to simplify business operations and maximize on production. Trucept Inc. provides comprehensive Professional Employer Organization to like-minded companies that have potential for growth and expansion in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Trucept Inc. provides services like administration, risk management, human resource services and employees benefits.

Bonar’s education background

Bonar is a mechanical engineering graduate from Scotland’s Strathclyde University. Later on he went to Stafford University, England to study for his Masters and PhD degree in the field of International Business Development Studies. This prepared him appropriately with the right skills and knowledge that have enabled him work for several high ranking companies in both UK and U.S.

Services offered by Trucept Inc.

The firm offers financial services to small and medium level enterprises, relieving top executives from many daily activities that negatively affect their core business duties and activities. They focus on processing payroll, safety programs, human resource support as well as employees’ compensation cover. Also, Trucept focus on other administrative services like temporary staffing, co-employment and staff leasing. The target markets for Trucept include financial institutions, technology companies, startup businesses and other professional service providers. Trucept has managed to provide their services to more than 900 small business enterprises which have now focused on their core areas of operations.

Trucept Inc. is a reputable Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providing a wide variety of professional human resource and enterprise services. Companies that join PEO have an opportunity of outsourcing some of their responsibilities from experts who are experienced in this field. Engaging Professional Employer Organization like Trucept Inc. means clients do not need to devote their valuable time in tracking and processing payrolls or negotiating prices with providers. Trucept will also offer advice on various issues connected to human resource like developing workplace and worker policies and procedures and ensuring government requirements are adhered to. Clients normally maintain control over their employees on daily activities while Trucept assumes administrative functions to a level of absorbing employer related liabilities.

In a recent press released on PR Newswire, Trucept Inc. has recorded significant growth in its revenue for the last six months. The revenue of the company increased by 113 percent compared to the same period the previous year. This has been achieved under the leadership of Brian Bonar who said these positive results were attributed to increase in number of new clients.

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