Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Receives Award

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, the N.A.C.V.A. has recognized Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala. He is being given recognition under the N.A.C.V.A.’s 40 Under Forty programs for the current year. They looked at numerous candidates all under the age of 40, which had made extraordinary progress in corporate valuation, monetary forensics, legal process consulting, skilled witness verification, mergers and acquisitions and connected occupations.

The candidates were selected by the Management of the N.A.C.V.A. According to the judges, the quality of candidates that they were handed this year made the decision-making process increasingly difficult. Both N.A.C.V.A. and the C.T.I. (Consultants Training Institute) are both founded upon excellence. They have pioneering and spirited leaders who are visionary and are from all spectrums in the financial world. This program was designed to allow the next generation in the business world, the mavericks if you will, to be recognized for their contributions to society.

Brien Jones is the CEO and the Vice President for both N.A.C.V.A. and C.T.I companies. He stated that they want to see the best candidates out there to have a nice selection of experts and leaders. The pool they had to select from had 125 nominees. These were all chosen by executive staff members in both companies. Throughout 2015, there will be a series of press releases that will feature these rising stars.

Marsala is honored to be nominated as the CEO of Madison Street Capital. He has been the key to taking the business from the US soils and spreading their business ventures across the sea to Africa, Asia and also into Europe. He is in charge of the firm’s analytical teams that perform both corporate finance, as well as their merger and acquisition projects. His specialty is business valuation. He has been responsible for both the valuation and transactional engagements over the past decade. As a graduate of Loyola University, he studied both finance and information. He has a Master’s Degree in Strategy and is a member of the N.A.C.V.A., as well as the ASA (American Society of Appraisers.)

Madison Street Capital is a global investment firm that is dedicated to truthfulness, brilliance, management and service in bringing monetary advisory services. They view developing markets as the fundamental element driving the global development of our clients. They continue to place emphasis on assets and gain the trust of clients around the world. With unwavering dedication and the highest levels of professional standards, it’s no wonder they are a company on top.

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