QNet 101

If you’re like most people, the idea of working independently and gaining the financial freedom necessary to “call your own shots” is appealing. If you are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in order to accomplish these objectives, you may want to consider a company like QNet.

About The Company

Established in 1998, QNet is an online based company that sells products to people via internet. To accomplish this objective, QNet’s leaders provide the general public with the opportunity to become independent representatives. As an independent representative, individuals market and sell QNet’s wide range of products while also recruiting new independent representatives. The new representatives will then replicate the company’s multi-level marketing model by recruiting more business owners and selling products.

QNet’s Products

QNet sells both regular and luxury goods, many of which are geared towards helping customers optimize wellness. Although defined broadly, the term “wellness” basically describes a feeling of profound mental, physical, and spiritual health. As many research studies have indicated, food consumption plays a profound role in contributing to or detracting from wellness. With this idea in mind, QNet is pleased to offer an excellent line of nutritional products geared towards helping customers attain optimal wellness. One such product is Fibrefit, which clients can add into foods like oatmeal to help them attain the daily recommended allowance for fiber.

Another wellness product the company sells is InOcean. InOcean is a product that helps individuals obtain their daily mineral needs. It is comprised of concentrated water from the sea and contains 96 trace and macro minerals. The product is distributed as a water soluble good, and people can scoop a teaspoon of it into beverages like drinking water to maintain mineral balance.

More Company Products

In addition to offering a wide range of wellness products, QNet presents independent representatives with the opportunity to sell personal care items. One such item is the Biosilver 22 Gel. This product incorporates unique technology to help clients cleanse and sanitize their body and hands. The product enables individuals to feel clean and also go through the day without fear of giving off offensive odors.

In terms of home care, QNet is pleased to offer clients water filters and air purifiers. QNet also offers luxury items and fashion accessories.


Individuals who want to optimize their life by pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities outside of their current career path may want to consider QNet. Through the use of a multi-marketing model and a tight knit community of independent representatives who are committed to helping one another excel personally and professionally, QNet has led many people to attain the level of financial freedom they desire.

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