An important event in the life of Mr. Marcio Alaor took place in the 33rd agricultural exhibition of San Antonio. The city inaugurated the food court square as a tribute to Mr. Marcio efforts in shaping the community. The show took place on 21st to 24th August 2014. Marcia has provided several services to improve the lives and the image of San Antonio’s residents. The event was filled with the community’s gratefulness for Mr. Marcio. Marcio is a successful entrepreneur from San Antonio and is the vice president of the BMG bank.
During the inaugurations, the local authority and politicians acknowledged the importance of the event. It was significant in realizing the efforts t by the entrepreneur to San Antonio de Monte. His efforts have greatly influenced the growth of the city. The events was a real tribute to Mr. Marcio and expressed a deep relationship the entrepreneur has with the city. He support to the rural sector and Exhibition Park displays the close relationship, and attention Marcio has with his countrymen.
Accepting the reward, Marcio was very grateful the residents for bestowing such an honor on him while he was still alive. He recognized that such honors are awarded to people long after they depart this life. He was optimistic that is love for San Antonio will go a long in helping advance the growth of the city. Marcio love for San Antonio started in his childhood times. The support he got from his family and community was paramount in achieving his dream career. BMG is a leading bank in the banking industry. It’s also a top sponsor of the country’s soccer.
The local politicians recognized this tribute as important in rewarding one of their own. The food court was initially a grain store. The mayor of the city was exclusively thankful for to Mr. Marcio for not ignoring the city’s problem bur working hand in hand with the residents and improving the economy of the city. The location of the square was significant in receiving Marcio’s name as the attribute to his impression of the city. During the inauguration, Marcio shared his personal history saying he worked as a shoe shiner boy in the city. He recognizes that the community was very willing to support his bid for the prestigious career. Marcio acknowledges that financial prosperity is not the most significant part of some life. But also giving back to the society and helping others succeed in what they desire.

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