Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Success of Computer Sciences Corporation Cloud Business

Computer Sciences Corporation is an American company that has its headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. It provides information technology services in addition to professional services and solutions. The company’s main customers include commercial enterprises and governments. The United States Federal Government is the major client for the company.

The company has operations in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. It covers over 70 countries in these continents with 74,000 employees. Computer Sciences Corporation is the only remaining major hardware vendor and information technology service provider with major operations and headquarters in the United States. This is after the acquisition of Affiliated Computer Services by Xerox in 2009. Currently, it is among the leading information technology service providers in the world.

Computer Sciences Corporation was established in Los Angeles in 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones. It availed programming tools like compiler and assembling software during its initial stages of operation. The company then went on to provide software writing services to IBM and Honeywell who were both manufacturing computers at the time.
Computer Sciences Corporations stroke a lot of firsts in the 1960s. At that point, it secured its first contracts with the United States public sector. It became the largest software maker in the United States and the first Software firm to get listed in the American Stock Exchange. Before the end of that decade, Computer Sciences Corporation had already listed in the New York Stock Exchange. It also expanded operations to Canada, United Kingdom, and India in addition to Germany Brazil, and Spain.

Much of the success for company can be attributed to the brilliant minds that have led it. One such highly skilled individual is Eric Pulier. He has been Computer Sciences Corporation Vice President Cloud Business. Eric Pulier was the CEO and founder of ServiceMesh when it was purchased by Computer Service Corporation. This formed a great partnership with Computer Sciences getting a person experienced in the cloud business. It also got a ready customer base. Eric Pulier is a well known entrepreneur, author and philanthropist and currently lives in California City. He is the founder of ventures like Desktone and Akana and several others. Among the books he has written include Understanding Enterprise SOA.

The company presently operates in three business segments that include: North America Public Sector, Global Infrastructure Service, and the Global Business Service. A few months ago the company made bold moves that were aimed at restructuring its business operations. The plan involved separating its United States public sector business. The spin out is expected to start operations in October and will target the Federal, Defense and States as customers.

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