Marcio Alaor, Improving The Operations Of BMG Through Effective Strategies

Marcio Alaor is a well-respected financial executive that serves as the vice president and director of Banco de Minas SA popularly known as BMG. The Pentagna Guimaraes family established the financial institution in 1930. The family privately owns and controls the bank. The family still runs the bank. The financial institution offers products for individuals and institutions.
For the longest time, BMG bank concentrated its operations on providing wholesale and consumer financing. This propelled it to be a market leader in the financing both heavy and light vehicles especially in the 1980s. Since 1998, BMG has focused more on providing payroll loans and setting new standards in that line of business.
In order to bolster its operation and improve its payroll services, BMG signed an agreement of association with Itau Unibanco S.A. in 2012. This was done with an aim of commercializing and distributing payroll loans in Brazil. Two years later, the two financial institutions signed an agreement to bring their business together in order to focus on payroll operations for the new venture. Today, BMG bank owns a 40% of the total shareholding as well as voting capital stock while Unibanco holds 60% of the same.
In over 80 years that BMG has been operation, it has created a good rapport with clients and other players within the industry. The reason behind the success of BMG has been its operational excellence, strong sales and its ability to predict major market movements. BMG has one of the best professional management team led by Marcio Alaor. The bank voluntarily opted to implement top-notch corporate governance practice courtesy of its board of directors in which 40% are independent members.
BMG has developed strategies to raise its profitability through its quality customer portfolio and responsible credit. This was as result of its conservative credit profile. BMG is focused on designing new businesses that meet all the needs of its customers and those that add value to its operations. The strategies are anchored on the pillars of profitability, operational efficiency, asset quality and human capital. The other strategy used by BMG is diversification of funding sources.
In achieving its goals, BMG is boosted by its competitive advantages in terms of operational expertise in all aspects of its operations. Among the things that make BMG stand out from its competitors are its strong tradition and brand recognition, a conservative risk profile, entrepreneurial culture as well as solid governance and corporate practices.

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