Dan Newlin Brings Hope to the Hopeless

Dan Newlin is an attorney at law based in Orlando Florida . Newlin has without a doubt been a prominent figure in Florida’s little world. For the last few decades Dan Newlin and his associates have helped to recover millions of dollars in damages to citizens in Florida who are involved in legal cases. Newlin and his experienced associates focus mainly on personal injury cases and accident victims . Newlin has made a name for himself by representing men, women, and children who don’t have anybody fighting for him in their corner. Newlin and his associates also spend time defending and protecting the families of those who are involved in injury cases and accidents when overbearing companies and businesses pressure them and try to put fear into them. Between the associates and himself, Newlin and his company have gotten more than 150 million dollars in damages for their individual clients who were unfortunate enough to suffer injuries and unforeseen accidents. Dan Newlin has been known to go to court and fight big name companies when other attorneys were too afraid. The majority of the cases that Newlin has fought would have scared away most other attorneys at the time of consultation. Where most other attorneys would see quick cash in clients, Newlin and his team see individuals who are living with their worlds being turned upside down and will tend to them like they are family.

In 2012 when Danielle Sampson was struck by a stray bullet and was ultimately paralyzed and put into a coma, Newlin wasted no time in representing the family. Sampson was riding in the back of a mini van with her family when a stray bullet struck her and almost took her life. Tyrone Mosby, a 22 year old with a reputation as a gang member, was fleeing the scene of a home invasion and was shooting at the home owner when a bullet missed the home owner and struck Danielle. Newlin took this case as an opportunity to not only represent a traumatized family but to send a message to criminals and gang members. Their reckless actions have put Sampson and other innocent civilians at risk for far too long. Newlin has promised to pursue these cases without hesitation and will work as hard as possible to make sure that these gang members get the message.

Dan Newlin is more than an attorney. Newlin is seen around the Orlando, Florida area as a modern day Robin Hood. The attorney sees where the most helped is needed amongst the most vulnerable citizens and wastes no time in getting them what they deserve. Orlando, Florida is so pleased with Newlin that he was encouraged to open an office in Chicago, Illinois. The citizens of Chicago should feel at ease knowing that this powerhouse attorney will offer them the same type of care and attention with which he devoted himself for decades to the citizens of Florida.

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