The US Money Reserve And You

Everyone has heard about what the US Money Reserve can do. You may wonder what it can really do for you and the coins you may want in your collection. This is surprisingly easy for most.

How Can The Reserve Help You

The Reserve has access to any kind of coin you may want in your collection. They offer new coins each year that you can purchase and have for yourself. These coins are normally silver and gold plated and offer a cool design on one side and a meaning on the other. This will vary from coin to coin, but most carry this interesting thing. They provide top quality services to the clients.

These coins can be collected and saved for years to come so you can earn money from them or so you can enjoy them in your collection. They are usually only a limited amount of these coins created so the value stays rather high for them. This helps you if you plan to keep the coins for a long time to come.

What Can they offer You?

US Money Reserve coins are a good investment if you are interested in keeping them around. They can increase with value over time and they also can keep the original value you purchased them for. This will all be a matter of what happens over the years. The price of silver or the price of gold will impact them in some ways as well as help you to know what to expect in the way of value for your coins.

Why Buy Coins?

There are several reasons you should consider buying these coins for your needs. One of the most common is financial, but you may want them to just add to a collection you already have. This is great if you are buying these coins to just make them more valuable as a set. You may also want to pass them one to your children someday. This is a great way to make that happen for your family.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to have coins like this in your collection. You may not know what you are going to do with them in the long run, but you can do something great with them. If you are unsure about what coins to get started with, you may wan to look into what the Reserve has available. Contact US Money Reserve and they will help you to know what you can get and how much you can spend.

Beneful’s Beneficial Dog Products

Beneful, owned by Purina, is a dog food brand that is synonymous with healthy and nutritious products. The company makes both wet and dry dog foods for all stages of a dogs life as well as treats that offer the same health benefits their food has become known for.

The company currently markets five different types of dry dog food. Beneful Incredibites are geared for small dogs. The tiny bits include tender morsels as well as crunchy bits and are available in two flavors, beef or chicken. Playful life, made with real beef and egg, is for adult dogs who are active and healthy. The food comes with Benefuls guarantee of 100% of the daily nutrients dogs need to live a full life each day. Beneful Healthy Puppy, made with real chicken, is a calcium rich formula that includes DHA to assure every puppy gets all the healthy nutrition they need to grow big and strong. Healthy Weight is aimed at dogs who need a little help maintaining a healthy weight. It is made with real chicken and includes a mix of tender and crunchy bites that will guarantee your pet will still get excited for every meal time. Beneful also makes it’s Originals line on that is aimed at all adult dogs. The food comes in three flavors, real beef, real chicken, and real salmon. It is packed full of protein and all the nutrients dogs need to live a happy and healthy life.

Beneful on target currently sells two different types of wet dog food. Chopped blends are minced products that come in a wide variety of flavors. The meats include chicken, turkey, salmon and beef, and each can comes packed with tons of healthy veggies like carrots, tomatoes, spinach, peas and sweet potatoes. To add some extra bulk, each flavor includes a grain, brown rice, barley, or wild rice. The company also markets their regular wet dog food which looks like a meal fit for humans. Cans contain whole chunks of chicken, beef, or lamb, as well as veggies like carrots, green beans, and spinach. Each bowl has a thick, wonderful sauce, and offers every dog a full serving of nutrition.

Beneful makes two different types of treats. Dental twists are geared towards dogs dental health and maintaining a healthy smile. Baked delights are healthy, yummy treats in fun flavors like bacon, peanut butter, and cheese, but still offer wonderful nutritional value to keep dogs healthy and happy.

Thinking About Investing, Go With The Experts At Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital, LLC is one of the leading companies in international investment banking. This firm specializes in a variety of different areas such as financial advisory services as well as valuation services to public and private entities. Madison Street Capital is also a prominent authority in mergers and acquisitions and providing financial options for their clients. Based in the Chicago area, Madison Street Capital is a trusted investment company. It is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). They present clients on many different levels of the spectrum, from public to private corporations along with special committees, various boards, and shareholders. Clients include those who remain in the United States and Canada as well as those who are international.

This investment company stands out among the rest for a few different reasons. First, Madison Street Capital focuses on the middle market. This helps make room for growth with a larger number of potential participants. The focus on the middle market adds for a greater scope which adds value and creates a need for specialized skills to help increase profit. Another reason that Madison Street Capital trumps their competitors is that they assist their clients throughout the process, in what they call the “front-end” marketing as well as the “back-end” marketing. Their experts have meticulous standards so nothing is missed. They raise the bar in the industry to help supply their clients with the best negotiation practices and strategic planning. The firm adapts to the needs of their clients to ensure maximum profit gains.

Another exceptional quality of Madison Street Capital is their passion for helping others. In recent years the United States has endured recent natural disasters, such as the in the Greater New Orleans area and other locales in the south. Those residents see first-hand the philanthropic work done by Madison Street Capital. For example, the United Way organization is based in Virginia and work to change the lives of those effective by disasters by involving the community and creating partnerships. Madison Street Capital has worked alongside of the United Way project to help provide the appropriate funding and create a successful structure to help communities get back on their feet and gain capital. The professional expertise of Madison Street Capital has helped rebuild communities and local cities after dealing with devastating situations.

Adam Sender’s Role in Art Collection

At 45 years of age, Adam Sender had earned a name as one of the leading art collectors in the world. Adam, a hedge fund Maverick, has collected over 1000 works of art from hundreds of collectors. The enormous amount of art he has collected can be attributed to the fact that he started collecting at a tender age. Adam dismisses sentiments that he is out to buy as many art pieces as he possibly could by saying that he collects art that he considers exceptional. To the avid collector, he does not chase art, but instead, pursues great works by artists that have had lasting careers.

Adam looked to collect art that was not only visually appealing, but also intellectually stimulating. He saw such quality in the works of artists like Cindy Sherman and Matthew Barney. He thought that Barney’s work invented a new language of art, and for the reason, he collected Barney’s work in depth. However, collecting Barney’s art in that depth was at the time considered to be adventurous. Adam also valued art by Cindy Sherman and amassed one of the finest Sherman Collections. Adam describes a controversial photograph of Cindy Sherman, known as the Black Sheets, as one of the most significant acquisitions he made in the late 1990’s.

In the year 2011, Adam was in the spotlight at the Art Basel Miami Beach. From one of his Miami homes, Adam and his wife, Lenore, held an exhibition dubbed “Home Alone”. Sarah Abiel, Sender Collections curator, oversaw the event that featured 70 works of art from the over 1000 pieces of art in Adam’s collection. Sarah chose to display works by significant artists like Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Richard Prince. In the event, Adam noted that a lot had changed since the 1990’s when he first started collecting art. He continued to note that certain art pieces that he would buy in the 1990’s for 100,000 US dollars were now valued at close to three million US dollars. A price he describes as unaffordable.

In the year 2014, Sender looked towards liquidating a portion of his collection. From May 2014 through to 2015, Adam unloaded 400 works by 139 artists in the Sender Collection. Sotheby’s handled the sale of Adam’s collection through an auction. It was estimated that the sale of Adam’s art collection would yield a profit of over 70 million US dollars. Some of his adorable works were also donated to several museums. One notable donation that Adam made was Vito Acconci’s “Other Voices for a Second Slight”. For him, selling his art would mark an end of a part in his life where he collected art. With the end of the chapter, he hopes another phase will begin.

How to Get Rich Like George Soros

“Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a businessman.” -George Soros, via Wikiquote



There are many people who are interested in building wealth. However, few people truly have success in this area during their life. Many people who live in countries like the United States are more interested in material items than building up a large sum of money. George Soros is someone who has been able to amass a huge amount of wealth during his time in business and is listed as one of the highest earning hedge fund managers and traders by Forbes. Here are several of the business tips that we can take away from the life and career of George Soros that can be applied to building wealth over time.


Education Pays Off

One of the best investments that anyone can make is in themselves. There are many people who do not understand how important education is to their future career earnings. George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. This is one of the most prestigious institutions in the whole world. He was able to use this education to better himself and his family over the long term. When evaluating educational options, always look to the long term to determine which school to attend. Many students today are graduating from school with large amounts of debt in subjects that do not pay off. If you are interested in getting rich like George Soros, spend some time on the front end evaluating your educational options.


Start Investing Early

Another important trait to follow from George Soros is to start investing early. This is one of the best things that anyone can do to build a significant amount of wealth. Starting from your early life investing makes a huge difference over a span over forty or fifty years. Anyone who is interested in getting rich like George Soros needs to make sure to start investing early. At the end of the day, there are so many great investment options today that there is no excuse not to.


Work Hard

George Soros continued to work hard even when he started to build up some significant wealth. This is an important point to remember because many people would have taken it easy at that point in their life. George Soros continued to invest aggressively in order to build wealth over the long term so he could fund his philanthropic efforts including voters’ rights in America. If you are going to get rich, you have to have the work ethic that is necessary to follow through on your plans. Having a lot of dreams without the work ethic to follow through simply leads to long term depression.


Final Thoughts

The life of George Soros is a good example of someone who started from nothing and was able to amass a large amount of wealth. Anyone who wants to do this in their own life needs to take several lessons from the life and career of George Soros. Over a period of many decades, he was able to become one of the richest men in Europe. Always start early in your dreams to become rich and it will be much easier to accomplish your goals.

Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala Receives Award

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, the N.A.C.V.A. has recognized Madison Street Capital’s Anthony Marsala. He is being given recognition under the N.A.C.V.A.’s 40 Under Forty programs for the current year. They looked at numerous candidates all under the age of 40, which had made extraordinary progress in corporate valuation, monetary forensics, legal process consulting, skilled witness verification, mergers and acquisitions and connected occupations.

The candidates were selected by the Management of the N.A.C.V.A. According to the judges, the quality of candidates that they were handed this year made the decision-making process increasingly difficult. Both N.A.C.V.A. and the C.T.I. (Consultants Training Institute) are both founded upon excellence. They have pioneering and spirited leaders who are visionary and are from all spectrums in the financial world. This program was designed to allow the next generation in the business world, the mavericks if you will, to be recognized for their contributions to society.

Brien Jones is the CEO and the Vice President for both N.A.C.V.A. and C.T.I companies. He stated that they want to see the best candidates out there to have a nice selection of experts and leaders. The pool they had to select from had 125 nominees. These were all chosen by executive staff members in both companies. Throughout 2015, there will be a series of press releases that will feature these rising stars.

Marsala is honored to be nominated as the CEO of Madison Street Capital. He has been the key to taking the business from the US soils and spreading their business ventures across the sea to Africa, Asia and also into Europe. He is in charge of the firm’s analytical teams that perform both corporate finance, as well as their merger and acquisition projects. His specialty is business valuation. He has been responsible for both the valuation and transactional engagements over the past decade. As a graduate of Loyola University, he studied both finance and information. He has a Master’s Degree in Strategy and is a member of the N.A.C.V.A., as well as the ASA (American Society of Appraisers.)

Madison Street Capital is a global investment firm that is dedicated to truthfulness, brilliance, management and service in bringing monetary advisory services. They view developing markets as the fundamental element driving the global development of our clients. They continue to place emphasis on assets and gain the trust of clients around the world. With unwavering dedication and the highest levels of professional standards, it’s no wonder they are a company on top.

QNet 101

If you’re like most people, the idea of working independently and gaining the financial freedom necessary to “call your own shots” is appealing. If you are interested in pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities in order to accomplish these objectives, you may want to consider a company like QNet.

About The Company

Established in 1998, QNet is an online based company that sells products to people via internet. To accomplish this objective, QNet’s leaders provide the general public with the opportunity to become independent representatives. As an independent representative, individuals market and sell QNet’s wide range of products while also recruiting new independent representatives. The new representatives will then replicate the company’s multi-level marketing model by recruiting more business owners and selling products.

QNet’s Products

QNet sells both regular and luxury goods, many of which are geared towards helping customers optimize wellness. Although defined broadly, the term “wellness” basically describes a feeling of profound mental, physical, and spiritual health. As many research studies have indicated, food consumption plays a profound role in contributing to or detracting from wellness. With this idea in mind, QNet is pleased to offer an excellent line of nutritional products geared towards helping customers attain optimal wellness. One such product is Fibrefit, which clients can add into foods like oatmeal to help them attain the daily recommended allowance for fiber.

Another wellness product the company sells is InOcean. InOcean is a product that helps individuals obtain their daily mineral needs. It is comprised of concentrated water from the sea and contains 96 trace and macro minerals. The product is distributed as a water soluble good, and people can scoop a teaspoon of it into beverages like drinking water to maintain mineral balance.

More Company Products

In addition to offering a wide range of wellness products, QNet presents independent representatives with the opportunity to sell personal care items. One such item is the Biosilver 22 Gel. This product incorporates unique technology to help clients cleanse and sanitize their body and hands. The product enables individuals to feel clean and also go through the day without fear of giving off offensive odors.

In terms of home care, QNet is pleased to offer clients water filters and air purifiers. QNet also offers luxury items and fashion accessories.


Individuals who want to optimize their life by pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities outside of their current career path may want to consider QNet. Through the use of a multi-marketing model and a tight knit community of independent representatives who are committed to helping one another excel personally and professionally, QNet has led many people to attain the level of financial freedom they desire.

Purina Looking For New Brand to Market Beneful

Purina is a popular dog food brand from Nestle. A number of pet owners trust the pet foods from Purina, particularly Beneful, to provide their dogs with the nutrients and vitamins necessary for pets to live healthy lives.

In its search to find a new creative company to handle the branding of Purina Beneful, Nestle has narrowed its choices down to two agencies, according to sources. Purina has been at Fallon for quite some time, but Fallon is not competing to continue its relationship with Purina.

The money spent on Beneful was $40.7 million by the end of 2013’s third quarter, Kantar Media reports.

Beneful is also the last brand from Purina to be associated with the Publicis Groupe agency. The agency has worked with Purina for more than a quarter of a century. Fallon also did the creative marketing for Purina’s Dog Chow. Dog Chow moved, rather quietly, to Leo Burnett, the company that also works with Purina Pro.

In recent years, Fallon has also worked on Purina One on, which is now overseen by Interpublic’s Avrett Free Ginsberg. Sources have also stated that Burnett and Publicis and Hal Raney, which are both Publicis Group agencies, are still in the running to take over Purina’s creative departments. Both agencies declined to comment on this matter, and referred all questions to Purina, which didn’t respond to questions.

Fallon and Purina have have a 33-year-long relationship. Fallon’s chief, Mike Buchner, stated that Fallon was honored to have represented Purina’s main dog food brands for such an extended period of time. Buchner also states that Fall is proud of the brands it has built with Purina, as well as the work Fallon has done to move Purina’s business forward.

Essential Practices To Protect Your Online Reputation

We live in a society that revolves around the internet, social media and databases that can serve as an information portal to the general public. Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to digital attacks from malicious people who can use public data or fabricated information to ruin your online reputation. In these circumstances, it is necessary to take action to ensure that your integrity, job, company, school and relationships are not in jeopardy. The best remedy is to fight fire with fire, which translates into using effective digital solutions to remedy the propagation of negative information.

The company that is leading the charge in helping digital attack victims maintain a good reputation on the internet is Status Labs. Status Labs is a professional technology company that assists corporations and people who have been a victim of slander and doxxing. When someone is doxxed, that means that their personal information such as their first and last name, telephone number and home address is displayed online without their consent.

Status Labs assists consumers, politicians, corporate leaders and prominent individuals with resolving a digital attack. Status Labs has a great reputation for helping its clients regain a positive image on the internet by using aggressive PR campaigns and advanced technology strategies to counteract doxxing, slander and the spread of negative information. The president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, offers a few tips to help consumers prevent negative information from floating around on the internet. Here are five recommendations from Fisher to ensure that you maintain good digital hygiene:

The first recommendation is to google your name to see what pops up. Fisher strongly recommends to search your name while you are logged out of your personal email and social media accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo.

The second recommendation is to thoroughly explore the first five pages that appear when you google your name. You should search for pictures, social media posts, reviews and articles that are negative. You should delete any forgotten social media posts and you should change your social media accounts to private.

The third recommendation is to create and publish positive information about yourself or your company. This can be accomplished in many ways, such as posting positive blog articles, reviews, social media posts and press releases. It is also recommended to create a positive website about yourself by using your first and last name as the domain name; for example: Users should also create social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram. All of your social media accounts should be routinely maintained and updated with fresh content and positive posts.

The fourth recommendation is to investigate online data broker sites that display personal information from various sources, such as public records, social media accounts and corporate records. Examples of data broker sites include Intelius, PeopleSmart, Whitepages, Spokeo and more. By law, online data broker sites must give users the choice to opt-out; however, these sites can re-post your information after a specified period of time has passed. Users should be vigilant and routinely explore data broker sites to resubmit opt-out requests just in case their personal information has been re-posted.

The final recommendation from Fisher is to be proactive. Essentially, users should avoid posting any negative information, posts or videos about themselves. If negative information already exists online, you can contact the website that is displaying your information and ask them to remove it. If they do not comply, you should research your state’s internet laws, such as revenge porn laws, and then explore your legal options.

Understanding How to Perfectly Choose Lawyers in Brazil

Legal processes can discourage an individual from getting justice and this is something that many professionals have highlighted. If you lack the technical know-how that can help you to handle a case perfectly, it is advisable to hire am experienced lawyers in Brazil, who will stand in your place to ensure justice is served right. What most people fail to understand is the fact that getting the right professional takes more than just spotting someone with the right academic documents. There are more serious considerations that should be maintained before you can fully hire someone to stand in your place during a legal tussle. Below are some of the basic things you should look for in a lawyer before hiring so as to have the best experience.

Experience is relevant to ensuring you achieve your goals in time. One is advised to seek the services of a well trained professional who has worked on different cases and understands recent developments in the legal arena. Law is one of the areas that need some professional intervention and you need to choose someone with a positive past record so as to get the assurance that your issue will receive the right attention. It is also necessary to note the fact that one needs to hand over the case to someone who is able to offer relevant services as required. An injury lawyer will perform better working on cases that deal with injuries and this is the same criteria you should use while searching for lawyers in Brazil. Consider the nature of your situation and assess the kind of intervention that is needed to guarantee a positive outcome.

Consulting leading professionals is also an option that should be maintained while handling a legal tussle. Before you can move out to search for lawyers in Brazil, approach experienced professionals like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, who are capable of offering honest reviews and recommendations. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazil based lawyer, who has worked on many cases, emerging as the most effective professional in the region. He has invested in ensuring all those he mentors get the right facts about serving clients in the right manner.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has ensured that the standards that are supposed to prevail in the industry are held dear and his resolve has worked on many occasions. His social media presence through instagram as well as his mentorship has allowed young professionals to get a better picture of the industry and desired practices.