Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere, The Unapologetic Beauty’s Most Expensive Business Secrets Revealed!

Today, starting a business isn’t as challenging as it was some decades ago. With a vast selection of online resources and tools entrepreneurs’ have on hand nowadays, success is imminent. It wasn’t any different for the young, gifted technology enthusiast and entrepreneur, Doe Deere. Her controversial fantasy cosmetics business “Lime Crime” is about seven years old. The Russian New Yorker launched her first collection of cruelty-free magical, vibrantly colored cosmetics in 2008. She’s a free-spirited designer who’s inspired thousands to embrace their imperfections unapologetically.

Ms. Deere has always been in pursuit of business. “Lime Crime” became her most successful project after pursuing numerous startups. In fact, she studied fashion in school, so she’d always known her business interest. What’s more, she was a talented make-up artist before she launched “Lime Crime.” With the naming of her brand, Doe became inspired by different things, but mostly her favorite color. She wrapped thoughts around launching brightly colored eye shadows, nail polishes and lipsticks that were so vivid, they’re illegal. And, she didn’t take away anything from her imagination. She launched them, just as imagined. Now, it’s taken off, and fans are dropping over her collections.

It’s literally empowering women in a sense. Ms. Deere designed her fantastic line of Lime Crime products in protest of animal cruelty. Hers boost a cruelty-free statement. In addition, she’s openly supporting other upcoming and already successful female entrepreneurs. She considers herself a mentor and an instrument of motivation to future business women. When asked about how she embarked on launching Lime Crime, Ms. Deere recounts her time as an eBay seller. Initially, she registered an account using the same username “LimeCrime” in 2004. According to her, it was a fashion project. She modeled everything from makeup to costumes. Interestingly, her colorful makeup was so irresistible, it became her staple. She made her brand official four years later and originated marketable versions of her fabulous cosmetics.

Online shopping has perks and downsides to it. Ms. Deere acted on the idea that makeup looks best when modeled right. And, a paper wasn’t enough to show the true potential and impressions of her Lime Crime cosmetics. So, she modeled them. Her designs had life and looked boldly glamorous. She has no problem modeling what she’s selling. This has brought her immediate success and internet fame. Her brand took off and has since reached international shores.

With a sizable international following, Doe often dresses up and model her ideas of Lime Crime fashion. Surely, it keeps her fans entertained and loyal to the brand. As she occasionally blogs, Doe who’s assumed the animated title “Unicorn Queen” often goes on about life sharing adorable portraits. Her coveted brand releases the influential products of reanimated fantasy themed movies. Doe was once an entertainer. With her band, she did several projects. Unfortunately, her music career didn’t take off. She went on exploring her muse until she found Lime Crime. She’s passionate about fashion and art. For now, she’s focused on expanding her cosmetics line and inspiring fantasy beauties.

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