Improvements To Typical White Shark Media Client Complaints


While most White Shark Media clients have praised the company, there have been some complaints over the years. Creating a company with the least amount of complaints possible takes time. White Shark Media consultants have looked into the complaints they have gotten and have made the company stronger by making suggested improvements. Both compliments and complaints have been utilized by the company to grow constructively.

Many clients felt like they had lost touch of their Adwords campaign. As a result of this realization, White Shark Media is now going over their Adwords reporting procedures in greater detail so clients can effectively keep track of their keyword and ad performances. Clients have also complained that their Adwords campaigns are set up on the company’s account. White Shark Media is now allowing clients with a successful Adwords account to continue to use it.

Another common complaint that the company has gotten is about the lack of effective communication that has been established between the clients and White Shark Media. The business now conducts scheduled monthly status calls through an online conference platform. Any changes needed on a client’s account can be determined during the meeting and immediately implemented. Phone systems with direct extensions are also provided so that clients can contact the company whenever they have a comment, concern, or question for the company. In addition, Senior SEM consultants follow each clients progress and offer assistance as needed. Customers can also actively engage with the consultant who signed them up for White Shark Media when they have queries.

A large portion of White Shark Media‘s clients’ enquiries occurs through phone contact. As a result, clients had difficulty keeping track of the incoming calls. White Shark Media is now partnering with Marchex to provide their clients with call tracking features for no additional fees. The service will now be mandatory when new customers sign up with the company.

Lastly, some White Shark Media clients have complained that their old Adwords campaign was performing better than the new one that they started with the company. The company has responded by adding improvements to Adwords campaigns that have already been performing well. In addition, senior SEM strategists now monitor all of the company’s clients and provide suggestions for improvements when needed.

White Shark Media is a leader in digital marketing. The company provides tailor designed solutions for small to mid-level companies to gain an effective online presence.

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