Adam Sender: An Eye for Investment and Art

Adam Sender is a hedge fund manager and the founder of Exis Capital.He previously worked at Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors, LP.He broke into the limelight for his extraordinary collection of contemporary art pieces. In an interview with Business Insider a few years ago, he had a Thomas Ruff photo on his desk, though it was blurry. A few years ago announced that he would be selling most of the pieces in his collection, and would do this in partnership with Sotheby’s. The cumulative value of the pieces has been priced at over $70 million which is a high figure considering the prices the art works were priced at when they were purchased.

The pieces first went up in his one of his houses in Miami and the curator put up “Home Alone” which included works from some of the best artistes.

Sender has been described as a thoughtful and master art collector due to the pieces that he has amassed over the years. Sender has had over nearly 450 art pieces in his collection by more than 130 different artistes. His art collection has been described as different, intelligent and curious. His acquired taste in quality of art has been revered upon by some of the big names in the industry who have seen his collection.

The collection includes pieces by Dan Flavin , Richard Prince and Martin Kippenberger; names that synonymous with contemporary art.He has the 1981 controversial Cindy Sherman piece Black Sheets that set him back $100,000 when he bought it which was a lot of money at the time. After acquiring it, he went on a Cindy Sherman spree buying all the pieces he could find.

Sender is a favorite of many art gallery curators, and his network includes some of the big names in the art world such as Shaun Regen and Marianne Boesky. This relationship , he says, has helped him acquire most of the pieces that he has.

He has been sort of a revolutionary and has advocated for new beliefs and traits in art collectors. For one, he often lends out his art pieces to galleries for them to be showcased at exhibitions. Sender has also started a website where anyone can “apply” for an opportunity to loan an art piece. The site has grown on to become a library of sorts and important to some in the art community.

He has also “supported” female artistes for lack of better phrasing to some extent. His collection includes a number of them including Wangechi Mutu, Jenny Holzer, Sarah Lucas and Mickalene Thomas. He has dispelled the notion that they should earn less which has hinted at inequality in the industry. He is a great man!

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