Review of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American nationalist who was born in 1st October 1949 in Washington D.C. He was born from a Jewish family and spent his early life in Chevychase, Maryland. Later on, Bruce went to the University of Washington situated in St. Louis where he acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts. He went ahead to study at American University where he earned a degree in law studies. Other than studies, he also started working on his career in journalism; this was at the Washington Star. Levenson is married to Karen Boyarsky, and they have three sons.

Bruce has worked on various levels as a business person. He was once an NBA team owner and a co-owner of a company that operates and owns Atlanta Hawks, which was a basketball, team. In 1997, Bruce initiated the start of United Communications Group.The company is situated in Gaithersburg in Maryland. The company was started in Levenson’s apartment. A newsletter was then published and had its main focus on oil industry development. Later on, other newsletters were acquired and databases focusing on oil price information services were launched. UCG is a private company that specializes on keeping in track of data and analyzing information on telecommunications, mortgage banking, healthcare and energy among others. This company also invented a mobile application that was to enable local drivers to easily locate areas where gas is provided at cheaper affordable prices. This application was known as Gas Buddy.

Levenson as the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC came up with the idea of buying Atlanta Hawks from another company called Turner Broadcasting. He was also among the group of businesspeople who owned Philips Arena and the professional basketball team. In 2011, the NHL team was sold by the group and later on purchased Atlanta Thrillers. In 2012, Danny Ferry was hired by Levenson as the chief executive officer of operations dealing with basketball issues. Before being hired here, Danny played an important role as the vice chair of San Antonia Spurs and also played for Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2014 when Hawks basketball team was going to Washington D.C for a match in Holocaust, Museum Bruce accompanied the team together with its staff and wife. Levenson encouraged the team by sharing to them her mother in law’s experiences since she was a Holocaust survivor.

In 2014, Levenson took a step of letting out his plans on selling his shares that were related to the ownership group. Through the help of an investment banking firm, Levenson is taking part in the coordination of selling the team. He is also a founding father of TechTarget and has worked together with the board of directors of this firm. Bruce also worked as the chief advisor of BIA Digital Partners. His ideas were used to ensure the company got the best returns. Apart from business, he also associated himself with different philanthropic organizations like the Hoops Dreams Foundation. He is also a major contributor of Holocaust Museum and plays a great role in ensuring programs dealing with lessons are well provided. These lessons were to give skills to students so that they could be able to work efficiently as tour guides. Bruce has also engaged himself in several donations that end up assisting largely.

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