Newlin’s Journey of Building a Career in the Legal Practice

In the field of injury law, no one gets the job done better than Dan Newlin, a Florida based attorney whose popularity has been on the rise over the last few years. Newlin is an injury attorney and he has specialized in injury cases as well as issues to do with negligence. He is inspired by an intrinsic need to help the poor and the vulnerable who suffer losses due to other people’s mistakes. He has set a record by winning several high profile cases of injury nature especially road accidents. Newlin has therefore been a very vibrant brand name in Florida’s legal practice and his hard work has been yielding great results over the years.

His passion to help the venerable in the society became clearly visible in his early youth at the age of 20. It was at this age that the young Newlin decided that he was going to pursue a career in a field that he will be able to influence change and help the weak in the society. He could not think of a better place to start from than to join the police force and he was definitely right on this. It was his decision to join the police force that grew into the opportunities that has made him the person he is today. Nonetheless, his persona played a very great role in developing the great attorney that we celebrate today.

Newlin joined the police force and worked very hard to get to the top. As the saying goes, hard work never goes unrewarded and this was very true for Newlin. He worked so hard while at the police department and his enthusiasm saw him make great strides in the department. He moved through ranks and he was soon promoted to become a sheriff in the Orange County where he continued serving diligently. He worked here for ten straight years before he was promoted to become a sheriff detective a position that he held and revered greatly.

As a sheriff detective, Newlin worked so hard to stop major crimes by dismantling some of the hardcore criminal gangs in the area and this further boosted his ambitions in pursuing law related careers. While working as a sheriff, the life changing opportunity came his way and he could hold back the excitement to cease it. He was awarded scholarship to pursue a degree in law at the Florida State College of Law and three years later he was graduating as a fully-fledged and certified lawyer. After graduation, he chose to pursue and to specialize in injury law among other areas such as negligence where he is also very good in. Newlin is currently one of the best injury attorney and his firm has been famed for winning such cases for years now.

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