Adam Sender’s Outstanding Art Collection

Art collectors are a unique breed of art lovers. They don’t just have one piece of art but have tens of them; some even have hundreds. Art collection involves an individual investing his time in visiting several exhibitions to identify and acquire masterpieces. One also has to identify outstanding artists as these professionals produce pieces of art that are admired by many. It is every collector’s dream to have the most admired collection.
Artworks are not cheap. With some pieces going for millions of dollars, collectors are generally wealthy people. The high price is the major reason where many people only have one or two pieces of art. However, quality artwork is an investment. When more people continue to seek after a given work or works by certain artists, the value of those artworks will rise. Many collectors have managed to make millions of dollars in profits by selling just a fraction of their art collection.
Adams Sender is an example of a renowned American art collector. Although sender is only 45 years old, he has managed to collect such as huge number of artworks that make other art lovers drool. It is estimated that he has collected over 400 artworks from at least 139 artists. His collection consists of artworks only from renowned artists. Sender is actually planning to hold an exhibition only showcasing his collections. Very few people have managed to achieve that. The exhibition will be held in May next year.
Sender refers to himself as a pursuer of masterpieces from well established artists. He started art collection in mid 1990s. The secret behind his ability to afford artworks at a very young age was his success as a hedge fund manager. His passion for art has also enabled him to go around the world searching for outstanding artworks.
Adam Sender’s collection has works from top artists such as Dan Flavin, Keith Haring, and Martin Kippenberger. The arts from these three artists are sought after worldwide. He also has works from Richard Prince and Cindy Sherman. Outstanding new artists such as Rashid Johnson, Lucien Smith, and Adam McEwen also have their artworks in his collection. Most of Sender’s 400 artworks are classified under conceptual art, minimalism art, and appropriation art. Sender loans his works frequently to museums during exhibitions. He is currently working on a plan to donate some great artworks to public art institutions.
Adams sender is a truly outstanding art collector. Aspiring collectors draws lots of inspirations from his amazing collection. Sender’s passion and ability to pick up quality works from a sea of arts is also something many aspiring collectors admire.

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