What To Do When You Fall Short Of The Mark In Business

No business is perfect and will fall short of the mark at some point or another. When you do, you may face complaints from customers, some of whom will probably be extreme and want to shut you down. Dealing with particularly angry customers can be quite hurtful but, as tempting as it may get at times, one thing that you should never do is show your anger back at them. Not only could this lead to you going out of business, it could also lead to a ruin both your and your employees’ reputations.

Whenever you receive a complaint, the first thing you should always do is take the what the customer is saying into account. After all, successful businesses almost always run on the motto of: “The customer comes first”. Some have even tried to run on, “The customer is always right” but that’s an entirely different matter and it’s also not the case. That’s why the second best move to make is to investigate the complaint. Then if that complaint is, indeed, found to be valid, then that’s the time to come up with a solution.

White Shark Media, for example, is a digital media solution company that finds solutions with small- and medium-business owners. One of their blogs is about common customer complaints and what they’ve done to prevent them from occurring again. For example, for a long while, one was that their clients were confused about the workings of their Adwords Campaign. White Shark eventually realized that their software wasn’t properly set up for too many of their clients to have easy access to their reports or monitor everything else that was occurring within their businesses. As a result, they now go out of their way to ensure that every client knows the ends and outs of every new campaign. Their clients now have a much better idea of where they want to go, what keywords they need to use, etc. in order to gain access to those reports and projects.

In the situation above, White Shark Media reviews the problem, demonstrated an understanding, thoroughly investigated the problem and, finally, came up with a solution. They have employed this method with every common complaint that they have received and it has made them more, not less, successful.

Again, no business can ever expect to be perfect 100 percent of the time but when you do fall short, always be prepared to investigate and offer a solution.

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