Gentlemen: Great Footwear Matters and Women Are Judging Your Shoes

Bradley Cooper. David Beckham. Ryan Gosling. These are just three mega-stars who have impeccable taste when it comes to shoes.

Gentlemen, you don’t think shoes matter?

Then tell that to the majority of women who are always checking out your footwear, even when you don’t have a clue as to where their eyes are looking.

According to one survey, 64 out of 100 women judge a man’s sense of style on his leather shoes. Plus, women also decide about a man’s personality and financial status on his shoes, but to a lesser degree.

Still the survey shows us that what men wear on their feet is important, and that is why a great-looking and great-fitting pair of shoes makes all the difference in the world. So maybe it’s time to step up your game, fellas.

Trends for Fall 2015 include these dress shoes: Plain tie blucher, Spectator dress shoe, Dress boot, English Wing Tip, Traditional Penny Loafer and Chukka dress boot, to name a few.

Speaking of loafers, this is a very hot trend that’s been modernized nicely. The classic penny loafer is still a timeless choice, but now the loafer is dressing up in suede, too, and in noticeable colors like blue and green, in mock toe, bit strap and rubber soles.

Paul Evans New York makes the male shoe buying experience easy, classy with extremely fine taste and affordability. The company prides itself on luxury and style at a smart investment; all of this delivered to one’s door.

Paul Evans footwear is unique- no retail space, no mark-ups or so-called sales. The finest Italian calf-skin leather is ordered online and then quickly brought to the buyer. It’s all about exceptional handcrafted shoes and boots made in Naples from talented artisans.

The construction of Paul Evans shoes is superb, and you can’t beat the price for such quality footwear. These are sharp shoes. Period.

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