Marc Sparks: An exceptional entreprenuer

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. He is an expert in business planning and strategy besides being an entrepreneur. He is also a venture capitalist with several companies running under his name. The president of Timber Creek Capital- a private equity firm- helps people to develop their ideas into revenue-generating businesses. Mr. Sparks has worked with the telecommunication industry. In the industry he has worked with Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless. He has another company that produces vodka known as Bonn Oir and a food delivery service company by the name Uncle Marc to mention a few of the companies in his line of entrepreneurship. Timber Creek Capital provides capital to start-up businesses. It also provides office space, equipment, banking and legal help and virtually everything else that a new entrepreneur would require to make reality of his dream. Marc Sparks also works with buyers to help them find homes in Ohio. He has set up his real estate business in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, and Warren counties.
He is a known philanthropist in Dallas having involved himself in many works of charity. In his website is the bible verse, Luke 12:48 which says “to whom much is given, much is expected”. Sure enough, Mr. Sparks has a lot to his name and has made it his duty to help those who may require assistance. A homeless shelter, Samaritan inn, and building homes with Habitat for Humanity are some of the ways he gives back to his community. He also actively participates in encouraging students with a project Texas can Academy. He has other charitable works with the North Texas Gate Way Apartments and Highland Park United Methodist Church. The Sparky Kids foundation is another way of giving back to society where Marc donates computers to children.
The story of the billionaire business man does not begin in the dorm of a fancy university but at the end of high school. His e-book, They Can’t Eat You, tells his success story, from grass to grace. He has sold several companies and maintained his position at the top as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and businessman. The book gives 50 sparks that a starter can use as cheats through their entrepreneurial journey to achieve success. This is a book about his life that he writes to encourage other entrepreneurs. He was an average C+ student who has beaten all odds to create a brand in the corporate world.
Mr. Sparks is dubbed the serial entrepreneur. He stops at nothing to get a company started and has, with that attitude, created so many companies and helped many more to grow hence the name. He has a handful of portfolio companies in Timber Creek Capital. ‘Sparks speed’ was a term coined to explain the outrageous sense of urgency that he relies on to deliver on time. Besides speed, Marc also believes in faith as a Christian. Passion, tenacity, focus and savvy of monetization are other qualities that Marc Sparks possesses that have made him a success.

Source: Marc Sparks Blog

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