Yeonmi Park’s Fight For Human Rights In North Korea

When it comes to sticking up for each other, we lived in a closed society much of the time. Gone are the days when people would actually make a stand and defy injustice. In some cases, activism is alive and well, and political correctness has overshadowed the need to actually stand up for social change. People would rather watch the news and comment from their easy chairs than actually make a stand publicly for any purpose or cause.

There are still many wrongs that need to be corrected in the world. Whether these things involve governments, corporations or individuals, people understand the aspects of right and wrong. But even though people realize this, in this day and age, there is very little that is actually done. In many cases, these wrongs hurt innocent people, and have the ability to cause further harm later on.

In many cases, these acts of injustice are curtailed by a single voice who dedicates his or her life to changing the status quo. Just because an injustice goes on for an extended period of time, doesn’t make it right. Even now, unbeknownst to the average person in the industrialized world, horrible injustices are happening and not being acknowledged.

North Korean activist Yeonmi Park lived her life as a happy girl in an affluent family. Her father and mother were both workers for the state, and she, her parents and her sister lived a life that they thought was adequate. She did not understand the cruelty of the very police state that she was living in. That all changed when her father was arrested for crimes against the state and sentenced to prison to serve hard labor. He had been exposed by the government in illegal activity that he participated in only to feed his family. After serving many years of hard labor, he was released when he became seriously ill. It was at that time he planned an escape out of North Korea with his family.

Although her father stayed behind in North Korea and later died, the family managed to escape, but not without trial and great hardship. Park witnessed the rape of her mother, and her and her family suffered many trials as they were smuggled out of North Korea into China. Once they arrived in China, the situation became much worse. After much hardship, Park and her family finally reached Mongolia, where they were helped by South Korean diplomats and given asylum.

Now Parks speaks out against the North Korean regime as an activist, letting people know about the horrors of her ordeal. She hopes that by speaking out against the North Korean government, her actions will help the people living there, and invoke change in the North Korea.

Without action to right a wrong, lies and oppression will continue to go unchecked. Individuals like Yeonmi Park has made it possible for others to understand the continued horrors in North Korea, and give the individuals living there hope of a new and brighter future.

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