Vijay Eswaran: The Well-Rounded CEO

Most people that are in CEO positions will have leadership skills, but they will often lack expertise in any other areas outside of business. A person that can run a company may be able to speak in public, but he may not necessarily be a public speaker. This is what makes Vijay Eswaran stand out as a giant among men. As the leader of QNet he may be one of the the most fascinating leaders because he is so well-rounded.

His wide spectrum of jobs may have given Eswaran a unique perspective. He had a mother that was a teacher, and this may have also given Vijay a different way to look at the world. What he has managed to do is carve out a pathway to success by breaking down his leadership skills and offering motivation to others through books and public speaking. What Vijay has done is offer up books that not only take on business but also at expound on personal matters. This same motivation that is found in the books shines through on stage when Vijay Eswaran is booked for speaking engagements. This is something that is a rare find in a CEO. He has the ability to function as a writer, public motivational speaker and corporate leader. ( profile)

What Vijay Eswaran has done over the years is build a brand. His work as a writer and a motivational speaker has given him the ability to become transparent. People know him and they trust his ability to lead. This makes is much easier for him to successfully promote the QNet brand on a global level. Lots of people may think that all of these things are separate entities, but these roles are not. Each role that he has carved out for himself ties into the overall business model. Since he is the CEO of QNet he is still promoting QNet even when he is not speaking from a QNet podium about QNet partnerships. As a public speaker he is still recognized as a business leader. This makes him come across as a human. This human factor that makes it easier for people to relate to him. The genuine connection to people will shine through in his connection with customers. All this his has allowed Vijay Eswaran to thrive and remain one of Malaysia’s richest business men. His well-rounded attributes helped him expand his brand around the world.

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