Dan Newlin is a Committed and Expert Trial Lawyer with a Brilliant Future

Hashtags are everywhere in social media such as Twitter and Facebook, but Attorney Dan Newlin in Orlando is taking them one step further. He is replacing his 10 digit phone number with his own hashtag, #DAN. Dan Newlin lives on the cutting edge of the legal system and, within 15 years, he has become one of the top personal injury attorneys in the Central Florida area. Strategic ideas that benefit the public like using the hashtag to make it easier for clients and potential clients to communicate with his Law Firm are what separates him from the others.

The hashtag went into effect in the spring of 2015, and though it is used immensely in social media, the corporate and business world has not caught on yet. Mr. Newlin talked to Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and ATT about implementing the concept, and it resulted in each server adjusting thousands of their cell phone towers, but he accomplished it and #DAN became a reality.

Dan has always been ahead even in school and then choosing his first job. When he was 16, he took a job as an EMT in the Chicago area. He discovered the feeling of satisfaction that overtakes someone who is helping people, and he was hooked. After attending the Police Academy, Dan became a police officer and served the Illinois Department. He helped people every day for four years, and then he was offered the chance to move to Orlando and become an Orange County Sheriff.

He was one step ahead here too, and it wasn’t long before his superiors had promoted him to Detective, and soon after, into a special division concerning tourists. Dan Newlin is a dedicated and valuable worker for the force and the citizens of Orange County. He worked diligently and aggressively because he had a plan to help the public even more.

In 1997, Dan enrolled in Florida Law School. In 2000, he graduated, passed the bar and started his own law firm all in the same year. He admits that he had developed a passion to help people more than he ever had before. The Law Offices of Dan Newlin were successful from the first year, and soon, he moved into a large, contemporary building with a team of 18 attorneys equally as successful as himself.

In 2013, Mr. Newlin was honored to be invited into the Superlawyers Group, which only honors five percent of all lawyers and law firms in the U.S. They found an excellent personal injury lawyer in Dan Newlin, and he was completely honored to be asked. But this is only the beginning for the expert trial lawyer. To this date, Attorney Newlin has won millions for his clients who suffered in accidents that were no fault of their own.

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