Not your daddy’s Blue Suede Shoes

People will always remember Ivana Trump for her closet full of shoes. It used to be that women were the shoe connoisseurs of the two sexes. That is no longer the case. Men now have an equal stake in owning trendy leather shoes. Just take a walk down any street and you will see men, sporting shoes and sneakers, of all makes and models. In high school, teenage boys begin with the athletic shoe. Matching colors to their outfit used to be something only seen on women, but nowadays men are doing it too. Trending men’s shoes is the rage across America. Whether it is for a casual look, business or leisure, men’s shoes have changed. From the many different styles of sneakers to the many elegant looks of the hard toe shoe, men’s shoe fashions are abundant.

Do you think of Italian leather as being made for a woman’s evening high heal shoe? Well you are in for a treat because men can now purchase quality Italian leather shoes almost anywhere shoes are sold. From Paul Evans handcrafted shoes and belts to designer sneakers, men are becoming fashion aficionados. Men can now choose from a variety of running shoes, walking shoes, jogging shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes and more with a plethora of styles and designs. Basketball sneakers used to be just that, a high top sneaker worn for playing the game of basketball. This is no longer the case. Basketball sneakers are now a fashion trend that men are sporting everywhere. Men have always wanted to be as trendy as women and now they are able to do so with ease. Canvas sneakers are the rage in menswear today. Boots are also very popular and they come in a large variety of styles and colors.

Do you remember Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes,” well come and get them because we have them. Do you like a dressy but still casual look? Well sockless is another way to show off those trendy new shoes. Want a belt to match, you can find that in shoe stores too. Multi colored to slip on to lace up, trending men’s shoes are everywhere you go. Don’t be left out of this fashion explosion, surf the web and find you perfect pair or two, of the best shoes that you just can’t live without. Men your time has come. Don’t be outdone by the ladies. The perfect pair of shoes is just waiting for you so go get them now!

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