Forefront Income Trust: Potential for High Growth

For many investors, particularly those with limited funds to invest, the need to have high-growth investment opportunities is crucial to their success. One of the most appealing options to investors such as these is hedge funds, which offer a mix of diversification and high-growth while also providing a level of stability that most investors prefer. However, in many cases, those investors not classified as accredited by the SEC often find themselves on the outside looking in simply due to a lack of funds. But with the creation of the Forefront Capital Income Trust hedge fund by Brad Reifler, investors who have as little as $2,500 to invest can find themselves having the chance to join the ranks of higher-income investors.

Using his more than 30 years of experience in the world of high finance, Brad Reifler has created the Forefront Capital Income Trust hedge fund to help those who have big dreams but limited funds to invest. As an entrepreneur and investor himself, Brad has a unique understanding of what non-accredited investors want and need. Having started and built one successful company after another from the ground up, Brad has devoted his professional life to studying past, present, and future trends in order to develop strategies that will be extremely effective. And judging by the performance of his companies, he has been quite good at what he does. In fact, during his 13-year tenure as CEO of Pali Capital, his company accumulated more than $1 billion in commission income, putting the financial world on notice as to his capabilities. In doing so, Brad has established relationships with leaders in politics, finance, and many other areas, allowing him to consult with many of today’s most dynamic and intelligent individuals.

Bloomberg told that when the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund was created, one of the major goals was to make it different from so many of today’s traditional funds. To accomplish this, the fund was geared to the average investor who had perhaps a limited knowledge of hedge funds and investing in general. To ensure maximum results, the fund’s results are not tied in directly to the stock market, but instead are diversified and allow room for high growth. In addition, the fund is set up as essentially an alternative to other opportunities that are much riskier, allowing those who have little to lose the chance to have significant gains in the years ahead.

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