The 990 Company is Looking to Innovate the Real Estate Sales Process

Every real estate agent would love to have hundreds of listings in their name and to have their phone constantly ringing with potential sellers looking to have their homes listed. Greg Hague, the founder of The 990 Company, has developed a program where this can become a reality. The goal of the 990 program is to help real estate agents get more listings and sell more houses at a higher price with the seller doing some of the work in attracting buyers.

Greg is the son of “Chubby” Hague, who once had one of the largest real estate firms in Ohio. After graduating from law school in 1974, Greg opened his own real estate firm which became known for being one of the most innovative and fastest growing firms in Ohio. After moving to Arizona, he founded The 990 Company in 1988 with one office and three agents and has since grown this real estate firm into a 122 office national franchise. Greg is also a top rated attorney, CEO of Harvey Mackay University, a frequent guest speaker on real estate issues and a best selling author.

The idea behind the 990 sells homes program is to help both the real estate agent and the home seller attract as many buyers as possible and sell the home faster at a higher price. The agent will provide all of the advertising and marketing services that they would normally provide in selling the home such as using yard signs, listing the property on the MLS and posting the property on real estate websites, print media and social media. If the agent finds a buyer, the seller would pay the normal commission for the sale of the home. What makes the 990 program different is when the home seller finds a buyer through their own efforts, and that buyer is not working with another agent, then the seller’s agent will work with the buyer and negotiate a deal to purchase the property. If the buyer agrees to the purchase, the seller only pay a $990 commission saving the thousands of dollars.

Getting a home listing is the most important part of being a real estate agent because it is how they get paid. If they do not have any listings then they have no business. Through marketing the 990 program to potential sellers, they can attract people who want to pay less in commissions. They also have the seller attracting buyers through their own efforts. As a result of the low commission, the agent could expect to receive referrals from the seller. It is a win-win situation for both the agent and seller.

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