Newark Community Economic Development Corporation’s Kevin Seawright

In the recent past, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has been in the news because they incorporated a new leader to its ranks. It is common for organizations to recruit new employees with the aim of attracting better talent. The essence of recruitment is to fill an existing gap created by the exit of an employee or an entirely new position in the organization. Newark CEDC recruited Kevin Seawright to the management team. Newark CEDC, a company based in New Jersey, has played a significant role in the economic formulation of the entire states. The inclusion of Kevin to the board is an indication that they want to continue making more impact. Kevin has vast experience in capital management, operation and accounting. It will be a great asset for Newark CEDC in their attempt to attain their overall organization goal.

Newark CEDC was founded in the year 2007. In the year 2014, the company was renamed from Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC) to its current name. It is the primary agent in Newark tat spurs economic development. They are a business development incubator, for they attract businesses and help them until they are fully fledged companies. The company has seen an improved economy courtesy of excellent business incubation skills imparted to the businessmen. Youth will be absorbed from the bandwagon of unemployment.

The East-Coast has been a beneficiary of Kevin’s financial prowess and experience. He has been able to implement new financial management systems, thus saving organizations enormous sums of money. It was the case when he was engaged with Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. During his tenure at the organization, Kevin saved about $100,000. As a consequence of the same, he got a promotion to the position of Payroll Director.

Working in collaboration with Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development, it intends to put in place measures, which will catalyze economic growth in the community as a whole. They also have a goal of involving small businesses with the aim of creating more jobs which effectively is expected to improve the living standards of everyone. It will be a step towards the realization of organization goals. Services offered by Newark CEDC include; providing grants for business improvement, loans for real estate development, proving entrepreneurs with prerequisite counseling services on business management, and adverting among many other services.

Therefore, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is an organization that should be given all the necessary support, for it to touch many lives.

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