How Much Wealth Does James Dondero Control?

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management, a hedge fund that he’s run now for decades, having started it in 1993. Even when he began, though, he was no stranger to working with incredible amounts of capital. James Dondero worked for American Express in the previous decade, through a portion of the 1980s. While there, he was in charge of around $1 billion. That’s impressive now, but it was even more impressive in the 1980s, thanks to inflation. It truly was a huge sum, and it got him ready for his future career, when he eventually decided to start his own hedge fund.

So, how much wealth does he control today? As of right now, his portfolio is valued at $4,912,889,000. The hedge fund as a whole works with even more money, which is reported to be right around $20 billion. This naturally changes from year to year, along with the market, but his assets have been roughly in this range for some time now. Plus, the storm of the recession seems to be in the past, meaning that his net worth has only been climbing – as an overall trend, of course; ever investor has small dips – since the recession ended.

There is a lot to be said for longevity in the investment industry. This is an industry that can clean investors out quickly if they’re not careful. Never was this truer than it was in 2008, when the recession came on with full force. The fact that James Dondero on crunchbase has been working in the industry since the 1980s and run his hedge fund since the 1990s says a lot about his ability to work his way through this complicated market with success. Investing was easier in the 90s, when everyone seemed to be doing much better, but it has become a real challenge in recent years, and he’s risen to the task.

A big part of the job, for investors like Dondero, is just having built-in protections. When the market turns, what can you do to make sure it does not take all of your money with it? When things are going well, it’s great to beat the market and earn more money than you could with less innovative tactics, but it’s almost better to protect what you have. This is not to say there shouldn’t be risk, as there has to be risk to beat the market, but a lot of time is put into figuring out how to reduce risk as much as possible.

Once again, Dondero is a shining example of how this can work. He was clearly heavily invested in 2008, as everyone was, and yet he made it through a recession that caused a lot of people to lose money.

Andy Wirth, El Nino And This Years Ski Season

Fall is quickly approaching and meteorologists as well as resort owners, begin their predictions for this years ski season. Every year, right around this time, murmurs and rumors of El Nino and its affect on snowfall, start to percolate. Storm watchers have been tracking patters, jet stream analysis, and they are all in agreement that a strong El Nino is probable. All over the globe, meteorologists are weighing in on what snow skiers and snow boarders can count on this year. “We generally know what kinds of regional precipitation and temperature effects that might bring.”
Andy Wirth may not be a meteorologist but he certainly has the experience and the education to weigh on rumors about this year’s ski season. Born and raised in Germany, Wirth picked Colorado State University, where he majored in hospitality. It was during his college days that he became interested in geology and the wilderness. He became a forest ranger for the Rocky Mountain Nation Parks as well as the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. After college he targeted resorts and now, 20 years later, he has directly influenced some of the top resorts in the world.
Andy now resides in Squaw Valley where he is currently CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. “Andy has over 25 years of experience he brings to the table which has made Squaw Valley one of the top ten premier resorts in the world.” When Andy was asked to predict what skiers and snow boarders can expect this season, he gives his famous grin and enthusiastically says “We are going to have a fantastic season. I am in touch with a few meteorologists who are telling me that California should expect normal to moderate snowfall.” This is good news for not only Squaw Valley but Mammoth and Kirkwood as well.
As the predictions for a wetter, stormier winter in southern California trickle in, residents can dust off their skis and boots with confidence this year. “Last year’s ski season was okay, so to hear from trusted sources that we can expect even more snow this year is something worth celebrating.” This is good news indeed and fingers crossed, El Nino makes a strong showing this year.

Joseph Bismark Bring Martina Hingis Into Qnet Fold

QI Group President Joseph Bismark loves to mix business with spirituality. The entrepreneur and CEO believes peace of mind, spirituality and brotherhood are the key factors to keeping a workplace highly-functioning and stress-free. Recently, Bismark announced that former world tennis star Martina Hingis would be the newest ambassador to the Qnet product line. Hingis took the stage in Dubai alongside Bismark to a thunderous applause of 10,000 representatives.

Hingis says she is ecstatic at the partnership. The five-time Slam Winner winner says she take it all in stride. “I am very happy to be a part of such an excellent organization,” says Hingis. “It’s also a great honor to represent the company alongside other great institutions like the Manchester City Football Club.” Hingis currently competes on the Champions Tennis Tour and will wear Qnet’s apparel while endorsing other other products within the line.

Joseph Bismark is one of the most respected CEOs in the corporate world. Running a successful business is something that few people accomplish in a lifetime. But Bismark has created a number of successful ventures using some unorthodox methods. When he was only 9 years old, Bismark went to live among the monks in the mountains of the Philippines. While there, he learned a great deal about spirituality and harmony. It was these teachings that he brought into the workplace. What he learned changed his focus and approach to business. Bismark has a certain set of core values that he implements into way of thinking. In turn, he has seen great success and has earned the respect of his employees and colleagues.

As a philanthropists, Bismark works closely with his RHYTHM Corporation that helps the needy. The Singapore-based organization backs many schools and shelters for children. Bismark believes it’s the duty of successful people to share what they have learned with others. Brotherhood is one of the tenants of health, wealth and success, according to Bismark.

Qnet is one of the world’s largest direct selling corporations in the world. The multi-level marketing strategy enables independent representatives to make substantial financial gains and recruit others into the business.

Source: BusinessWire

Yeonmi Park’s Fight For Human Rights In North Korea

When it comes to sticking up for each other, we lived in a closed society much of the time. Gone are the days when people would actually make a stand and defy injustice. In some cases, activism is alive and well, and political correctness has overshadowed the need to actually stand up for social change. People would rather watch the news and comment from their easy chairs than actually make a stand publicly for any purpose or cause.

There are still many wrongs that need to be corrected in the world. Whether these things involve governments, corporations or individuals, people understand the aspects of right and wrong. But even though people realize this, in this day and age, there is very little that is actually done. In many cases, these wrongs hurt innocent people, and have the ability to cause further harm later on.

In many cases, these acts of injustice are curtailed by a single voice who dedicates his or her life to changing the status quo. Just because an injustice goes on for an extended period of time, doesn’t make it right. Even now, unbeknownst to the average person in the industrialized world, horrible injustices are happening and not being acknowledged.

North Korean activist Yeonmi Park lived her life as a happy girl in an affluent family. Her father and mother were both workers for the state, and she, her parents and her sister lived a life that they thought was adequate. She did not understand the cruelty of the very police state that she was living in. That all changed when her father was arrested for crimes against the state and sentenced to prison to serve hard labor. He had been exposed by the government in illegal activity that he participated in only to feed his family. After serving many years of hard labor, he was released when he became seriously ill. It was at that time he planned an escape out of North Korea with his family.

Although her father stayed behind in North Korea and later died, the family managed to escape, but not without trial and great hardship. Park witnessed the rape of her mother, and her and her family suffered many trials as they were smuggled out of North Korea into China. Once they arrived in China, the situation became much worse. After much hardship, Park and her family finally reached Mongolia, where they were helped by South Korean diplomats and given asylum.

Now Parks speaks out against the North Korean regime as an activist, letting people know about the horrors of her ordeal. She hopes that by speaking out against the North Korean government, her actions will help the people living there, and invoke change in the North Korea.

Without action to right a wrong, lies and oppression will continue to go unchecked. Individuals like Yeonmi Park has made it possible for others to understand the continued horrors in North Korea, and give the individuals living there hope of a new and brighter future.

Biography of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a highly successful finance executive. He is well-known for being the leader of Trucept, Incorporated. Mr. Bonar has an extensive background in business leadership, having a lead role in other companies such as Dalrada Financial Corporation. His love of the design process ultimately drives his approach as an exceptional manager. Over the course of his career, he has developed a reputation as a phenomenal leader who has a strong passion to achieve the aspirations and goals of clients and team members. His portfolio features a diverse set of skills that create results and have had the power to build projects, teams, and relationships. His main passion is to work in creating, developing and delivering collaborative solutions so that he will be able to build trust from clients through each opportunity that comes his way.

The vast majority of Bonar’s success can be understood by his technical skills and background. He attended James Watt Technical College where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. After graduating from undergraduate school, he went on to receive his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Mr. Bonar has an exceptional history in business. He worked as a procurement manager for IBM. He also eventually became the Director of Engineering for QMS. When working this position, he manged over 100 people. After leaving the job at QMS, he continued his role as a manager at Adaptec. After getting sufficient management experience, he began his own company called Bezier Systems. He worked for a variety of other companies before finally finding substantial business success with Dalrada Financial Services.

The approach Bonar takes is what makes him so highly successful. Mergers and acquisitions are his two specialties. His creative approach to life combines the genius of one who is an engineer with the creativity of an architect.


Adam Sender was not only a hedge fund manager, but he also collected art in his spare time. He leaned toward a surreal life, evidence of which could be seen in the art work he displayed in his office. Examples of his surrealism are seen in artist, Dan Flaven who created sculptures from commercial light fixtures and did weird figure painting; John Currin, who was a pop artist; Kara Walker who dealt with race, gender violence, identity and sexuality, plus Thomas Ruff’s suggestive, blurry photo of a scantily clad woman. Copies of Greenspan’s “Age of Turbulence” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugs” seen on his coffee table were also signs of his surrealism.

When Adam Sender had his own hedge fund and continued as an art collector, he was in the spot light in the Art Basil Miami Beach when he mounted an exhibit of works from his private collection that was staged in one of his Miami homes. On display were works by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Chris Ofili, and Rashid Johnson. There were only 70 works out of 1,000 pieces valued at $100,000 on exhibit and Sender said he regretted that so much of his collection was hidden away.

The discerning eye that Sender used in buying for his own hedge fund carried over into his selection of art. He bought reasonably priced art which increased many times over. For instance, a Richard Price could at one time be bought for $100,000, but became unaffordable.

Even though Sender had financial problems from time to time, he continued to buy works only from new artists who were well established. Two of the later works he bought were by Frank Benson, who did sculptures and photography and Diana Al-Hadid who created sculpture, installation, and drawing using various media. Sender could probably find a permanent private collector museum, but said he was in no hurry and continued to be happy doing exhibitions now and then.

Eric Puller: What You Did Not Know About Him

Eric Pulier is the Chief Executive Officer of ServiceMesh. This man is regarded as one of the most influential people when matters related to coming up with technologies that help both governments and businesses are concerned. He has been part of the formation of very many companies that have been financed by venture capitalists all over the world. Pulier is also among the 30 e-Visionaries according to VAR Business. This man is also a very respected public at conferences about technology in all parts of the world.

Raised in New Jersey, Eric began interacting with computers at a very young age. In fourth grade, he was already programming computers. His thirst for technology oriented businesses pushed him to start a database company while in high school. In 1994, he joined Harvard University where he studied American and English literature. While in Harvard, he was involved in editorial work for the Harvard Crimson. While still at Harvard, he started classes at MIT where he graduated in 1998. Soon after moving to Los Angeles in 1991, he founded PDT (People Doing Things) which was a company seeking solutions for education, healthcare as well as other issues that could be solved using technology.

In 1994 while still at Harvard, he formed Digital Evolution, which was an interactive agency. In 1998, the company merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric was on the front line in building Starbright World, which was a private social network for children with chronic illnesses. The platform enabled them to chat, message one another and most importantly, get the chance to meet others sharing similar problems. This platform made a lot of significant difference which gained Puler a lot of recognition.

In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee selected him to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition which was held in Washington. After a successful exhibition, he was again chosen to participate in the Vice President’s technology and healthcare forum. Pulier also supports the Clinton Global Initiative as well as other many similar initiatives.

When matters philanthropy are concerned, Puller is always on the front line. He is a Board member of the X-Prize Foundation, which organizes competitions that are aimed at coming up with solutions to solve significant human problems. He is mainly very philanthropic on all causes associated with children. This entrepreneur has also co-written a book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA. This man is a perfect example of how working hard and smart can make anyone successful.

Through his track record, he has clearly demonstrated that it is indeed possible to attain the highest levels of success by doing what one is very passionate about. Every dream is a big dream until one decides not to make it so.

Exploring Qnet

Since the inception of the internet age, it’s become as common to shop online as it is to go to the store. There are websites and auction sites for just about anything. Most people know about Ebay, Amazon and others. Another direct marketing strategy internet based company is Qnet. Formerly QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, Qnet is based in Hong Kong. Owned by the QI Group, it’s a multi level marketing direct selling company, also know as an MLM/DS. It was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong, China. Mr. Eswaran has a reputation as quite the motivational speaker and showman, often using rock-concert style lasers and pyrotechnics when he’s speaking to promote Qnet.

Qnet offers a diverse product line. There are fitness products, such as nutritional and weight management items, personal care and hygiene products as well as fashion, luxury products and more.

Using a direct selling and multi-level marketing model as their selling strategy, Qnet relies on third party independent agents who arranged into teams. They sell the products to the general public. In turn these agents get paid based on a formula that takes into account the volume of sales, their referrals and how well the other team members do.

Mr. Eswaran describes how his company works by saying DS MLM companies such as Qnet allow for people to join the direct selling company so they can buy the products at a lesser cost. Or, if they choose, they can sell retail any of the goods or services the company offers to friends, family, co-workers, etc, and then get paid if, in turn, those same products are promoted or bought by people they know. There is also the chance to earn when the products/services get promoted or purchased by those that have been brought into their “personal network.”

Mr. Eswaran is quick to point out that this is not a pyramid scheme. As opposed to a pyramid scheme company, Qnet offers actual products and services. It takes hard work, dedication and tenacity to be successful in an MLM/DS company. In a pyramid scheme, “employees” get paid only when they enroll other people into the scheme. Reward in Qnet comes from, in simple terms, sales. So it’s not for those looking for a get-rich-quick formula, and the industry is well-regulated.

Vijay Eswaran: The Well-Rounded CEO

Most people that are in CEO positions will have leadership skills, but they will often lack expertise in any other areas outside of business. A person that can run a company may be able to speak in public, but he may not necessarily be a public speaker. This is what makes Vijay Eswaran stand out as a giant among men. As the leader of QNet he may be one of the the most fascinating leaders because he is so well-rounded.

His wide spectrum of jobs may have given Eswaran a unique perspective. He had a mother that was a teacher, and this may have also given Vijay a different way to look at the world. What he has managed to do is carve out a pathway to success by breaking down his leadership skills and offering motivation to others through books and public speaking. What Vijay has done is offer up books that not only take on business but also at expound on personal matters. This same motivation that is found in the books shines through on stage when Vijay Eswaran is booked for speaking engagements. This is something that is a rare find in a CEO. He has the ability to function as a writer, public motivational speaker and corporate leader. ( profile)

What Vijay Eswaran has done over the years is build a brand. His work as a writer and a motivational speaker has given him the ability to become transparent. People know him and they trust his ability to lead. This makes is much easier for him to successfully promote the QNet brand on a global level. Lots of people may think that all of these things are separate entities, but these roles are not. Each role that he has carved out for himself ties into the overall business model. Since he is the CEO of QNet he is still promoting QNet even when he is not speaking from a QNet podium about QNet partnerships. As a public speaker he is still recognized as a business leader. This makes him come across as a human. This human factor that makes it easier for people to relate to him. The genuine connection to people will shine through in his connection with customers. All this his has allowed Vijay Eswaran to thrive and remain one of Malaysia’s richest business men. His well-rounded attributes helped him expand his brand around the world.

Elegant And Trending Men’s Shoes

Many men want to look tailored and well groomed. They also want to look in touch with the world of fashion today. A man who is well groomed is one who looks good and feels confident. Looking good for many men involves a carefully chosen outfit that is worn in combination with the right accessories. One of the most essential aspects of any good look that illustrates that the buyer has a basic understanding of contemporary fashion and knows all about the kind of accessories that are in vogue is the ability of the buyer to the just right leather shoes. The right shoes can help a man feel confident as they go about their day because they have good support for their feet and a pair of shoes that feel comfortable at the same time. Any pair of shoes that a man picks out for daily wear should be carefully chosen in order to help them achieve such aims.

A well designed pair of man’s shoes will typically have certain qualities. Many such shoes are made from items such as soft leather that fits well to all areas of the foot. They wills be made in a way that helps demonstrate that the maker knows what current buyers want from shoes. A good pair of men’s shoes will also often have additional details such as a close fit that helps mold all areas of the shoe to the foot and provides the wearer with the maximum possible support. A good pair of trending men’s shoes will also often have subtle and elegant details that can be seen both up close and from afar. The result of wearing such shoes is often a look that is understated and yet eye-catching as well as handsome at the same time.

Those in search of such a pair of shoes can find many choices at Paul Evans, a company that is devoted to providing their customers with high quality shoes that are made from the finest possible leather. Customers here will find quality items that are imported from Italy, a nation that is well known for the quality of their leather goods. The shoes that men can buy here are affordable yet high quality, Buyers will find many kinds of shoes for sale here at a price that will easily fit into any budget without a problem. The result is that buyers can be confident they are buying shoes that will look good at all times and allow them to convey an air of sophistication and elegance. This can be just right for the man who travels a lot and wishes to demonstrate that they are in touch with contemporary fashion trends.