Brian Bonar and the Finance World

Currently the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation is Brian Bonar and was in an online interview with website where he talked about the strategies his business has taken. ITEC is well known to be a leading developer of software that is used in management of color, integration of digital hardware and organization of services. Remarkable transformations in the company have been noted since it changed from dealing with production and development to offering marketing and other services for a duration of the past one year.

The Group CEO attributed this to the successful transformation and the business strategy that was adopted in the acquisition earlier on. These strategies have seen the company make major strides in coming up with new opportunities of serving its customers by offering administration service which is the main reason behind the fast growth rate being experienced by the company. According to Bonar, the company’s strategy on expansion will help them capitalize on their current customers by ensuring that they will be offering them solutions that can work out all the negative problems that they face during their administration.

This has made ITEC to acquire companies that engage in personnel management and practices related to employment. The aim of ITEC is to capitalize on the balance that a company experiences when it offers solutions and administrative services on office services. This made ITEC to proceed into hiring a professional employer organization (PEO) who are called SourceOne group. When offering human resource and payroll services it does not segregate between large and small businesses. When all these transactions are made ITEC must pocket around $40 million in addition to the revenue that it generates in every fiscal year. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

ITEC has decided to go for PEO which is a large industry and still growing so that it will enable it to integrate its services by offering its large base of clients the products of its offices. This will help the company to leverage its services and also the products of ITEC so that it can improve its services, retain its customers and make sure it makes some returns as profit. Still in the interview, Brian showed confidence that the structures it had brought together via acquisitions was done through a well thought out strategy that will give them stable sales and major personnel support. Since the small companies are not able to compete at the world level, ITEC will have the opportunity to harness experts input in them.

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