Is It Time To Invest In Brazil?

Is Brazil bound to be the hottest new investment market? The Brazilian economy is the 10th largest economy in the world, and the country is pushing hard for its place in the global markets.

Although Forbes called Brazil “the hot mess of emerging markets” in early 2015, leading investors are now starting to take a serious look at the carnival capital of the world. You don’t have to be uber rich to cash in on the excitement, but you do have to have a stomach for risk. The market is emerging after all.

Brazil does everything it can to encourage foreign investment. As a foreign investor, you can either dip your toe into offshore investments or cannonball into the open waters of the Brazilian stock exchange. Most markets are open to non-resident investors without restrictions. You just have to hire a local entity to represent your interests in local tax and regulation issues.

Of course, investing in any economy requires some research, sound advice, and well-honed instincts. Brazil is no exception. However, take into consideration those who have already cast a flirtatious glance at the country: global real-estate investors like Blackstone Group LP, Brookfield Property Partners LP and Global Logistic Properties; global sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics; and even movie directors like Woody Allen, who recently met with Cláudio Loureiro about a new project.

Cláudio Loureiro is the founder of the fourth largest advertising agency in Brazil and was the first to meet with Woody Allen about filming in Rio de Janeiro. The project represents a big investment for the country. Brazil has reportedly offered to cover all expenses for filming on location. This is not a dip your toe in the water kind of move. A Woody Allen film shot in Brazil would raise the countries international profile. No doubt, that is why Loureiro was the first to meet with Allen.

It appears that Brazil is poised for a huge leap forward, and obviously big players inside and outside of the country are ready to invest.

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