How Flavio Maluf is Setting New Standards in Innovation

Background Information
Flavio Maluf was born in December 1961 Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the first son of politician Paulo Maluf. He is a successful entrepreneur and degree holder from FAAP. He then relocated to the USA for one year to further his education in Administration at the famous New York University. Flavio married the apple of his eye, Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho in 1986. This union resulted in the birth of three beautiful children.

Work Experience
Maluf is the president of Eucatex and GrandFood Company, which owns Premier Pet and Golden. Other areas of his specialization are in management, accounting, rural management, foreign exchange and foreign trade.

Mr. Maluf has worked in Eucatex since 1987 and has worked his way up the ladder to reach his current position. He started his career in the trade section of the company and later moved to the industrial area where he worked until 1996. His hard work and dedication was noted and was invited to join the executive group in the company. Flavio highly contributed to the great success of the company by exhibiting his skills in various fields. After a unanimous agreement among all the stakeholders and family, he became the president of the company.

Flavio advocates highly for innovation and investment in launching new products in the industry. He immediately introduced a modernization process in Eucatex Management. He has ensured the Company’s growth by setting new standards in the field.

Eucatex Group began by using eucalyptus plant as a raw material for the production of quality boards and panels. Unit panels also started producing acoustic ceilings, wood fiber sheets and insulating plates. Today, the Company satisfies the requirements of furniture manufacturers and developed industries in civil construction.

Role Model
The company under the leadership of Flavio Maluf instated a new factory to provide more goods in Salto. He is an inspirational leader who continues to take part in charity events by donating generously and volunteering in local community projects. He has recently teamed up with Idio Carli, which is a hospital and maternity.

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