Capital Markets Law, A Key Focus of many City Firms

Capital markets are financial markets where equity-backed securities or long-term debt are bought and sold. The US Securities and Exchange Commission oversees them. Capital markets law, also known as securities law, deals with the economic policies and legislation regulating governments and businesses. The latest stock market crash in the US made it precisely clear that capital market law plays a critical role in the economy of the world.

Sam Tabar is one of the many attorneys who specialize in capital market law and have worked for large organizations such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch. With their professional background of both law and finance, they helped the country to overcome the 2008 financial crisis.

LinkedIn writes that he’s graduate of Columbia Law School and Oxford University, New York City lawyer Sam Tabar knows what it exactly takes to make sound investment and generate capital. The distinguished lawyer began his career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom. Here, Tabar counseled clients on the challenges of forming and managing hedge funds. After some time, he moved onto Sparx Group/PMA Investment Advisors where he served as legal counsel and left the Director and Co-Head of Business Development.

Tabar believes that capital markets attorneys are affected by the lows and highs of market forces as much as anyone is, and when the recession hit, they suffered. However, given the importance of the practice and the technicality of the transactions, the practice will always remain important areas for laws firms, as the capital market provides the most secure platform on which businesses obtain funding by selling a share or receiving a loan.

In addition, firms with financial needs that traditional bank loan cannot meet use the capital market. Attorneys encourage companies to use the capital market because the Capital market law is flexible and offer more freedom to companies than traditional banks do. Capital markets do not bind the two parties to terms of debt. They also allow companies to receive massive sums and offer limitless investment opportunities.

Firms seeking funding on the capital market can also get customized services from large financial institutions. Some of these services are advice on debt and equity offerings, the creation of derivatives and securitization.

Tabar and other attorneys advise firms and investment banks on these complex transactions. Firms (issuers) and banks (underwriters) both engage separate law firms. The issuer’s attorneys may help their client analyze the type of security to issue. If the issuer is new to the market, they should start by seeking the advice of a lawyer on the processes involved in the process before approaching an underwriter.

The attorneys regularly work on international transactions, and the size of their team vary from one transaction to another. In some cases, a team can be made up of a partner, associate, and trainee attorney solicitor. On some occasions, it can be made up of a large team of partners, trainees, and associates in many different practice areas and jurisdictions.

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